What are the softwares needed to create simple HTML webpage?

What are the softwares needed to create simple HTML webpage?

In the previous article, we discuss What is HTML and its full introduction?. Now today in this article, I would like to teach about What are the basic software needed to create simple HTML webpage?.

I hope the previous article is really helping you to better understand the HTML and it uses If you miss the post check it here. In olden days, HTML Web pages will be created by using the inbuilt software of windows XP, windows vista, windows 7. That is called Notepad.

Notepad having the less feature for creating HTML web pages, You must know the code segment fully, then only you can write the whole HTML codes. Just write the code and save it as in the form of .html extension. Example: index.html, It will automatically convert your HTML code into the browser support output web page.

Software for HTML Webpage

Nowadays, Technology will be improved day by day. Everyone moves on to the new technology to reduce the time to finish the work as early as possible. So, I would like to share mostly use software application for creating HTML web pages.

Softwares needed to create simple HTML webpage:

  1. Notepad++
  2. Adobe Dreamweaver

These are the main two softwares, I would suggest you use it and create the simple HTML webpage as very easily, without the need of any help from others.

What is Notepad++?

Notepad++ is one of the best text editor as well as the source code editor for Microsoft Windows. It was developed by Don Ho in September 2003. The main feature of this software is, it’s having the multiple tab editing options within a single window. It’s one of the free open source software.

In my point of you, it’s also same as Normal Notepad editor on windows, but having lots of features available.

What is the use of Notepad++ software?

When we come to the use of this software, It’s having the inbuilt option creating new HTML webpages, PHP pages and much more.

The Main important feature is you can run the code as live, with an install browser on your windows, Just Save the files and go to the run option and choose the option listed on the drop-down, Example: Launch in google chrome, Launch in Firefox, Launch in IE, Launch in Safari


So you can easily execute the files and get the output as a very easy, that’s why I prefer to use notepad++ software for once you expert on the HTML programming. Otherwise, I will suggest you choose the next option software as Adobe Dreamweaver

What is Adobe Dreamweaver?

Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the best web development tools in all over the world. It’s was developed by Abode systems. Adobe Dreamweaver was created and maintained by the Macromedia.

The main important feature it will support both macOS as well as Windows operating system.

What is the use of Adobe Dreamweaver software?

When we come to the use of this software, It’s one of the best tools to create simple and high-end HTML webpages very easily.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a one of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tool. You can also see the live preview of changes for the frontend for your HTML webpage.

Its one of the best tool for web design and development of the application, It combines the live view and code editor in a single open window on the application.

The important Main feature of this software is Syntax highlighting and auto-suggest the HTML elements tags and also generate the code hints to assist the user to write the good code.

In the starting of the First lesson HTML Tutorial for Beginners, about What are the softwares needed to create simple HTML webpage. Is really helpful for you? Stay tuned to Join Our HTML Tutorial Section. We will meet you on next lesson.

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  • We can create HTML pages with notepad which comes with windows.

    • Yes, You can also Notepad, comes with windows bro, But notepad not having more features when compared to other software. the above software will help to reduce the time to finish the HTML webpage design work for very short period of time.

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