GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 6.50 Download For Android (Updated)

GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 6.50 Download For Android (Updated)

GbWhatsapp: The first thing we do after we get a new smartphone is that we install WhatsApp. We find all our friends on WhatsApp these days and we can send them unlimited text, images, songs, videos etc. More than 100 million people are using WhatsApp and there might be no person with WhatsApp.

Every day we spend our time on WhatsApp to check the status, chat with friends or send them some image, video or audio files. It has helped us to improve our communication in this busy life and we love WhatsApp. But there is some restriction on its features which limit us with our activities like sending file limit etc.

Today I am going to talk about GBWhatsapp Apk download which you can install easily with the installation guide. You will be able to control the WhatsApp fully and make the best out of it. I will be providing you with the best and the fastest direct download link below to download GBWhatsApp (also known as WhatsApp GB), download the latest version of gbwhatsapp 6.50 updated apk 2018 file.

GbWhatsApp is nothing but a modded version of Official Whatsapp which has lots of awesome features like hiding your online status, hide your last seen or blue tick, amazing themes etc. It is very easy to install and will take your WhatsApp usage experience to an advanced level. It will work on both non-rooted and rooted device.

There are many Mods of Whatsapp Available online like WhatsApp Plus Reborn, YoWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp, OgWhatsApp etc But GbWhatsApp is the best of all. You also don’t need to uninstall the official WhatsApp to use it.

You can use both Official Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp together in the same device which is awesome as using like Dual WhatsApp in the single device. GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version of Gbwhatsapp 6.50 free version.

Latest GBWhatsApp Apk Details (Version 6.50)

Deatils Informations
Required Android 4.0 +
App Size 36 MB
Category WA Mods
Root Required No
Developer Name Omar
Downloads 5,000,000 +
Last Updated 22 February 2018

GbWhatsapp Apk download the latest version 2018 New Updated (Features)

GbWhatsapp is a WhatsApp Mod which comes with a unique look and design giving you all the features of Official WhatsApp. I am sure that you will find it better and amazing than the Official version of Whatsapp. You may prefer it over the official version and start only using WhatsApp Mod.

It has amazing User Interface with top customization options with the help of that you can customize it to the way you want. Most of the people who have tried GB Whatsapp found it better and very useful than the official WhatsApp App.

If you want to get better user experience then Gb Whatsapp is the best for you. I am damn sure that you would love GB WhatsApp and its features. It will make you switch from official WhatsApp version to WhatsApp GB mod.

Now I am going to tell you how to install it and enjoy this amazing WhatsApp mod on your Android device. You can get the download link of Latest GBWhatsApp Apk File above and at the end of this article. The device should be minimum of Android version 4.0 or above to install and run the gbwhatsapp apk.

GbWhatsapp Latest Version Installation Procedure

GbWhatsApp can be installed very easily after downloading the latest version of gbwhatsapp apk. You will need to follow this step by step manual guide given for the installation of GB WhatsApp on an Android Phone Device.

There is no requirement of the rooted device and can be installed on the non-rooted device also. I am going to share detailed instruction for you so that you don’t face any problem while installation of GbWhatsApp.

  1. First, you will need to enable unknown sources in your security setting of Android Phone. You may the option in the different place depending on the device.

gbwhatsapp settings

GBWhatsApp Apk

  1. Now you will need to go ahead and click on the download link to download the latest version file of GBWhatsApp apk.

GBWhatsApp Apk Latest GBWhatsApp Apk Download

Latest GBWhatsApp Apk DownloadGBWhatsApp Download Apk Latest

  1. After you enable unknown source option from your Android device, You will need to open the gbwhatsapp apk file that you have downloaded from the internet.
  2. After your installation of Latest GBWhatsApp Apk file completes, go and open the app and enter the phone number that you want to use with WhatsApp as you see in the image below.

Download GBWhatsApp App ApkGBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version

GBWhatsApp 6.00

  1. You will receive a one-time password after you enter your mobile number for confirmation. Now your installation is successfully completed for GBWA (GB WhatsApp) on your Android Phone.

GBWhatsApp Latest Version 207


GBWhatsAppDownload Apk Latest VersionGBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android 2018

Start enjoying the features of Gb WhatsApp after you set up your profile. You will get a lot of amazing features like customization, theming option and lock mods etc. You can check out the below screenshots of the app to understand some of the top features of GBWA which will give you an idea of amazing it is.

Download Latest GBWhatsApp 2018

Download Latest GBWhatsApp Apk

Download Latest GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp 2018

Latest GBWhatsApp Apk 2018

Download GBWhatsApp App Apk

GBWhatsApp 2018

GBWhatsApp 6.50

Download GbWhatsApp Apk

Latest New Updated Features of (GBWhatsApp Apk)
GBWhatsapp has all the features of official WhatsApp version. So here I am going to discuss only the extra features that you will get in GbWhatsApp. It is having a lot of amazing features that you can find like hiding your blue tick, hiding your double tick, hiding your last seen or online status etc. There are some features that you can only find out after you install it.

List of Some Best Features of GBWhatsapp 6.50 that you will get after installation:-

  1. It can show Online status and last seen status at Home.
  2. You can open links without any need, not admin’s contact number.
  3. It shows the demo of Media even without loading which is better than official Whatsapp.
  4. You can change the style of tick bubbles as you wish.
  5. You can hide last seen for select people’s contacts.
  6. With this Whatsapp Mod, you will get Selfie Flash.
  7. You can also disable voice calling option.
  8. You can even send Gif Images.
  9. You can even block incoming WhatsApp calls from a particular person.
  10. Change your notification icon and application icon of WhatsApp.
  11. You can put the lock on your Whatsapp without any need of third party software application.
  12. You will get the ability to copy selected texts in WhatsApp Message.
  13. You can send images upto 90 instead of just 10 images at a go of one click.
  14. You can also create your own theme and submit it to GBWhatsApp Team.
  15. There are no Ban Issues as it has Anti-Ban Features.
  16. It can be used with Official Whatsapp as Dual Whatsapp.
  17. You can put the Mod to Stay online for 24 hours continuously.
  18. You can easily and quickly change the theme of your WhatsApp by going into the Theming Option.
  19. It supports upto 100+ languages.
  20. Put WhatsApp Status of upto 255 characters instead of 139 characters on your WhatsApp.
  21. You can make the broadcast upto 600 people now.
  22. You can copy the status of other people on the clipboard.
  23. Hide your Typing Status, Double Tick, Blue Tick and Last seen.
  24. Many Bugs has been fixed that comes while sending videos.
  25. You can set the Group Name upto 35 characters.
  26. You can send upto 50 MB size of Video.
  27. Video Calling features are now working absolutely fine.
  28. More amazing latest emojis are added to this Whatsapp Mod.
  29. You will get an option of Hiding View Status Privacy Option using which you will be able to control your Status.
  30. You can also schedule your messages to somebody using Message Scheduler Inbuilt.
  31. It is based on the latest official version of WhatsApp.
  32. It keeps on getting regular updates from app developer which keeps on adding new latest features regularly.

GBWhatsApp Download (Permissions)

This is the permission required by GBWhatsapp Mod while installation:-

  1. Access Background Tasks
  2. Access Mic
  3. Access Camera
  4. Access Bluetooth
  5. Access Wifi
  6. Access Storage
  7. Location Access
  8. Record Audio
  9. Internet Access
  10. Send SMS
  11. Contacts
  12. Vibrate

GbWhatsApp 6.50 Latest Version Details and its new Features

  1. Very Quick Fixes and Updates Regularly with added features.
  2. New Amazing Emoji Scroll.
  3. You have now the ability to select multiple contacts to send one single message to the scheduler.
  4. You have now Themed Emojis and Gif Search added in latest version.
  5. You have now the ability to send upto 100 documents rather than just 30.
  6. You have now the Ability to Remove “Read more” using Read more option.
  7. Ability to copy text status added which can be used by opening option and click on copy.
  8. You have now the ability to revoke multiple messages together at once by selecting messages and click on delete icon.
  9. Additionally, Custom Anto Revoke has been also added.
  10. New Option of Anti-Revoke has been added in Privacy Option.
  11. Quick Reply Option available that can be used by pressing and holding the message and select text entry.
  12. Get Advanced feature of Storage Management (Setting-> Data and Storage).
  13. You have now an option of centre names in conversation Header (Mod version 1.1.15)
  14. You have now Image and Video Filters which will give effects to images when sending.
  15. Sharing of Live Location has been added.
  16. You can fix maps when sending location.
  17. You will be able to get an ability to filter messages when you clear chat history from SEtting->Chats->Clear History-> Clear All Chats.
  18. It has the ability to send Text Message only to be broadcasted in Groups.
  19. Based on the Play store version 2.17.351

GbWhatsApp Update Apk Latest Download

Download GbWhatsApp Mod Apk

You can directly download the Latest version of GBWhatsApp Mod from the link given at the top and at the bottom of this post. It is updated every month by its official developer Named Omar. For that reason, we will also update the latest version of GbWhatsapp Apk file here for new updated releases, so that you can get the latest version of Gb Whatsapp from our website. If you bookmark this page, then you will never miss the latest updates of Gb WhatsApp.


It was an easy-to-follow guide for the installing your latest GbWhatsApp Apk File which is also called The Dual Whatsapp on Android Device. In this way, You can enjoy the latest Gb Whatsapp and its features on your android smartphone.

I assume that you liked this website very much and will continue to visit us in future for latest updates on mobile apps. If you want to explore more of the amazing Android apps, You can visit our homepage on this site. See You Again.

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