Guide to build a chat app like Whatsapp
Whatsapp, the chat app that revolutionized messaging first earned the user’s respect and then giants like Facebook, a social platform by itself. What made Whatsapp so cool among users. It is the interface or the technicality. We are in a mood to munch some tech bytes so let’s be biased and say the technical aspects… (0 comment)

How to Download WhatsApp App for Windows
Whatsapp is the world’s first and most popular online messaging service which gathered over 1 billion users from all the sources like Android, IPhone, Windows, Blackberry etc., We all know that WhatsApp messenger recently introduced various new option in it like Whatsapp calling, End-to-End Encryption, Now Whatsapp came with a fabulous option that we all… (12 comments)

How Easily Change The Whatsapp Username
Hai !! Viewers Welcome to New Technology Post,. In this article i would like to share the simple technology related to WhatsApp tips, Today’s World each and every one having the smartphone for communication purpose and also his personal purpose using for hearing songs, watching videos, surf internet…etc. When we comes to WhatsApp , It’s… (2 comments)