How Easily Change The Whatsapp Username

How Easily Change The Whatsapp Username

Hai !! Viewers Welcome to New Technology Post, In this article, I would like to share the simple technology related to WhatsApp tips, Today’s World each and every one having the smartphone for communication purpose and also his personal purpose using for hearing songs, watching videos, surf internet…etc. When we come to WhatsApp, It’s one of the best communication application for all over the world, More than 20 million peoples used on Daily.  We can easily communicate your friends with just known his mobile number if your friend already a user of WhatsApp means you can start your conversation immediately on the internet.


WhatsApp and his features :

WhatsApp is cross-platform for the mobile messaging app which allows exchanging messages without having to pay the single rupee for sending SMS. It is available for all the smartphones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia. It uses the same internet data plan used for email and web browsing, there is no cost for sending the message to your friends, Stay in touch with your lovable friends. kickass alternative

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Ok !!! Now Let’s Comes to this post, Here I will guide you How Easily Change The WhatsApp Username

Step 1: Login to your application on your mobile,

Step 2: Go to settings >> click on the profile link will be shown on your display.

Step 3: Here you will see the profile image of your WhatsApp account as well as User Name of your account, Click on the pen type icon shows in the right side corner of the User Name, Click that Icon

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Step 4: Enter your name display will be shown, Here you will change the username what you like and also you can add the emotions on your username, it’s one of the wonderful features in WhatsApp.

Step 5: Finally Click Ok to save the username.

Now you can check your username on your account, It will show the newly saved username on your display,

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Below I have the attached the video tutorial If anyone didn’t understand the steps means kindly watch the video tutorials to know the easiest method to change the username on your WhatsApp account.

Watch Video Tutorial Link: Click Here !!!

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  • For some reason I cannot get Whatsapp on my phone. And I do not have google play store or access to it. Can you help?

    • Ya Sure !! I will help you Mr. Susan, to solve this simple problem. You must search the file named as whatsapp apk free download in google search engine. Once whatsapp apk file downloaded sucessfully, instal it on your mobile device.

      Now whatsapp will be sucessfully working on your mobile.

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