Top 6 Best Windows and Android Tablets Under 100$ Infographic

Top 6 Best Windows and Android Tablets Under 100$ Infographic

Tablets are still gaining popularity, but they still have quite the price tag. However, this list can help you pick out a high-quality tablet for around 100 dollars. There are 6 tablets reviewed here and firstly you will be introduced to the operating systems that they use.

Android – When it’s down to 100 dollar Tablet PCs, Android is probably the most popular choice. Obviously Apple is way out of our league here, however Windows is not.

Windows – For a while now, Windows has been losing market share and if it wants to strike back, it will have to expand outside desktop and laptop computers. That being said, yes you can pickup a fully functional Windows 10 Tablet PC.

Fire OS – An exception from all the other Android based systems, it’s supported by Amazon and its devices run on it. Although it looks different, it’s still Android at the core and Android apps work on it.

Chinese tablets – There are lots of generic Chinese made tablets that sell for way below $100. However, it can be hard for their origin to be determined or what kind of support they will have after they are bought. They usually prefer marketing hardware figures over build quality because it’s easier for it to be measured. This can be dangerous, because if a device has a fast processor but it’s badly built, it will just break.

Android tablets:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Good – Brand that can be trusted, Quad-core CPU, 1.5 GB Ram.

Bad – Slow response time of the screen which can affect graphically demanding games.

Who would want this – Users of Web and Media, students for quick note typing.

Neutab 10.1

Good – Octa-core CPU, PowerVR graphic chip, Bluetooth 4.0, US-based warranty support.

Bad – 1GB Ram, the battery life is a little shorter than the recommended RAM.

Who would want this – Book and comic readers – there is a lot of screen size to play with.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Good – Extremely powerful CPU for the price, GPS + Bluetooth.

Bad – 1 GB Ram.

Who would want this – Basic game browsing, light games.

Fire HD 8:

Good – Strong, visually appealing build, 1.5 GB Ram, 16 GB internal storage, 12 hour battery life, fair price.

Bad – 90-day warranty, locked into “Amazon Ecosystem of Apps” (this can be overcome);

Who would want this – Media lovers – the tablet supports a wide range of media formats, readers – there is a massive library of books.

Windows Tablets:

Ematic EWT826BK

Good – Keyboard, 1280 x 800 screen – good for productivity.

Bad – Shorter battery life than the others, 1 GB RAM – Windows has become good at memory management so it’s not that horrible.

Who would want this – Anyone who likes Windows, users of Windows software, desk jobs workers and students – when there is not much need for moving.

Toshiba encore mini:

Good – Power efficient CPU with a burst clock of 1.83 GHz, 1 year free subscription of Office 365, good 1280 x 768 resolution.

Bad – 1 GB RAM, memory shared with the graphic system.

Who would want this – Low cost Windows-tablet audience, students that need Windows.

An infographic detailing some entry-level tablet PCs.

Source – Techy View

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