How To Get iOS Type Status Bar On Any Android Device (updated)

How To Get iOS Type Status Bar On Any Android Device (updated)

iOS Type Status Bar: Android smartphones come with lots of customization options like Launchers, Various theming Apps, Custom Roms etc. As an Android user, we all hate Apple iPhone, but you can’t ignore the smooth and eye-catching UI of iOS.

The iPhone iOS is one of its kind and thus it is so popular and one of the most stylish and cool features of that iOS is the status bar, it is unique and provides iOS a unique touch. Although whatever you can use in iOS can also be used in Android….often better but, when it comes to status it is really difficult o tweak it.

iOS Type Status Bar

Having said that, this is also true that we are always to known to do the impossible and execute the stuff people can’t even imagine. So, today we are here in this article with a great method to have a status bar of iOS in Android and that you wish not as exactly same like in iOS. So, stay on the article to read the complete step by step tutorial of the method.

We gonna do that by using an App called Flat Style Bar Indicators App which is a Xposed Module. This App has been developed by Igor A. Bocharov and it is rated 4.1 stars on Google Play store.

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Features of Flat Style Bar Indicators :

Well, there are many features of this App but I have shared some key features.

  1. Ability to change WiFi, data and battery indicators into 11 different themes.
  2. Also changes Carrier Label and clock styles.
  3. Change position of data, WiFi, battery, clock, carrier label, alarm, Bluetooth, sound & location indicators left, center, right.
  4. Change colors of widget located in the status bar.
  5. Changes battery tinting color, for example: 0 – 5% > Red, 0 – 100% during charging > Green.

And Many More…

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Below I have shared the steps you to need to follow to get iOS Type Status Bar On Any Android Device.

Requirements :

  • A Rooted Android smartphone
  • Xposed installed on your Android.
  • Flat Style Bar Indicator – Click here to Download.

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Steps to Get iOS Type Status Bar On Any Android Device :

iOS Type Status Bar

  1. First of all, to perform this trick your Android device should be rooted. Above I have shared the Rooting guide. Note – Rooting voids your Android warranty, so do it at your own risk.
  2. Now, Download & Install Xposed Installer on your smartphone.
  3. After Installing Xposed, kindly install the final App called Flat Style Bar Indicator from the above-mentioned link.
  4. Then open the Xposed installer and activate the Flat style bar indicator App then restart your smartphone to make it work properly.
  5. Now open the App and there you will see many customization options.
  6. That’s it you are done. Choose the indicators following your choice and turn your normal status bar into the dashing iOS status bar.

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Ending the Article :

The unique feature can be very useful for all the Android users to apply the iOS status bar on your smartphones. It is a super cool and stylish feature which you guys will love. The above-mentioned method is very easy to use so it won’t mess your mind and so your excitement and curiosity to use this method should have increased right.

So, hence was the post about to Get iOS Type Status Bar On Any Android Device. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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