How to Fix Your Mac Yourself
When you’re having problems with your Mac, it’s easy to get frustrated and give up. While sometimes you’ll need to consult the help of IT services or Apple computer repair, you can often troubleshoot some problems on your own. Macs have built-in tools to diagnose and fix certain issues. Here are some simple Mac troubleshooting… (2 comments)

Why SEO Is Crucial to Your Small Business?
Small-business owners are destined to face stiff competitions, when they come up against the giants of the 21st Century market. A decade ago, the aim towards initiating a business with a small-budget was considered a dream – too good to be true. Nonetheless, in today’s time and age, with methods like SEO, promoting your business… (1 comment)

Guide to build a chat app like Whatsapp
Whatsapp, the chat app that revolutionized messaging first earned the user’s respect and then giants like Facebook, a social platform by itself. What made Whatsapp so cool among users. It is the interface or the technicality. We are in a mood to munch some tech bytes so let’s be biased and say the technical aspects… (0 comment)