How to Choose the Right Categories for Your WordPress Website
One of the most discussed topics in conferences and communities of WordPress is the use of categories and labels (the latter better known as ‘tags’). Many WordPress users are often confused and generate controversy about what is right when making use of these features. There has always been a discussion from how much to which is better, how to use… (3 comments)

Learn How to Monetize Your Blog
Blogging is the most heard term for those who are quite seriously indulged in writing passion and they want to secure a specific identity for them online as a blogger. It is not a big deal to start your own blog or to write for some once else because there are unlimited freelancing opportunities that… (2 comments)

How to make money with a blog for beginners
You are probably one of the millions peoples today who have put forward this question that is it possible to make money through blogging? And the answer is ‘yes’ but with conditions. I am pretty sure that you have already heard all those success stories from the people around who are earning their complete or… (0 comment)