How To Recover Hidden Files From Pendrive ?

How To Recover Hidden Files From Pendrive ?

In today’s technology world each and every one using the pendrive for data transfer between different computers. Sometimes most of them stored the important files in pendrive. While you are using pendrive, the main biggest problem is affected by Virus. Pendrive doesn’t having the any security measures, So malware’s and virus can be easily attack your pendrive and collapse the important data files stored on your pendrive. Once virus or malware attacked on your pendrive means, it hides all the data files and creates .exe extension to replace the stored files and also hide the files. In this post i will give you the solution for How To Recover Hidden Files From Pendrive infected by Virus. Some of them know about how to done this simple task to recover his files but most of them doesn’t know how to recover it, I will show you the simple steps to recover the hidden files from pendrive.

Just Follow The Simple Steps To Know How To Recover Hidden Files From Pendrive ?

Step 1 : Go to the start menu, then in the search bar type as “run” without quotes and press enter. Run dialogue box will be opened

Step 2 : In this Run dialogue you will type as “cmd” without quotes. Then press the enter key…

Step 3 : Here I assume your pendrive drive letter as F: , First You must need to change the path of the inserted pendrive letter, Type F: then press Enter . it  will automatically change and showed like the below image.

Recover Hidden Files

Step 4 : Enter this command carefully, attrib  -r   -s   -h  *.* /s /d  Then Press Enter, if you didn’t put the command correctly means its doesn’t work for you.

 Step 5 : Type this command del *.* lnk  Then Press Enter. It will ask ( Yes / No ) Enter ” Yes ” without quotes

Note :

1 ) *** Replace the letter g with your pen drive letter.

2) *** If you wont get your files, remove your pendrive ,restart your pc , insert your pendrive ,then take glance your drive name  start doing same process given above..definitely it will work.

3) *** If you have any internal or external error in your “cmd” Then you must first remove the error by setting “classpath“. Now check for your files

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