How does a CDN Work (Content delivery network )?

How does a CDN Work (Content delivery network )?

Content delivery networks, also known as CDN. It improves the security, and performance of the website. We all interacts with CDN on daily basis, but some may not know this fact. The sites which are too speed mostly have a CDN Work. Content delivery networks are very important for websites. Some of the sites using CDN are News websites, Shopping sites, Youtube, social media etc

CDN Work

How does CDN Work ?

Content delivery network is a service which can help the static content of your site loads more quickly (Images, CSS, Javascript etc)

A CDN has Points of Presence (PoPs) or data centers which are situated around the world. In each PoP there are several thousands of servers were connected to it. Both the PoPs and servers help to accelerate a lightning speed which the data are delivered to the users.

A CDN is a collection of servers located all over the world. Whenever the user requests a content, the request is automatically connected to the server which is closest to the user’s location. This makes your site loads much more faster.

If a visitor of a site request any files like images, javascript, CSS files, pdfs, zip etc instead of hosting provider responding to these files the Content Delivery Networks loads the files. The file will be served from caching – node closest to your site user.

Below I will show the result After Using CDN Cloudfare on our Tech Info World Website

Tech Info World GT Metrix Performance Report

Using CDN the data will be available to the users in a lightning speed, independent of the location of website or hosting server. CDN’s are designed to solve the issue know as Latency.

A CDN’s goal is to virtually shorten the physical distance between the user and the hosting server. This is to improve the sites rendering speed and performance of the site. As your contents are loading from many different servers in different locations, the traffic to the servers will be less so your site will open in seconds.

A CDN has proper techniques for preventing, detecting and correcting different forms of DDoS attacks.

Final thoughts

CDN helps your site to load 2x faster. If you want to find the cheapest CDN please use CDN comparison by spacecdn. CDN provides users the best experience when interacting with the contents of the site.

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  • I work for a firm which focuses on development of IPTV apps and other OTT platforms, so I work with CDNs all the time. Amazon’s S3 is to me awesome! CDNs have made the data population job very easy and quick, its big step forward. Great information about CDNs thanks for explaining!


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