How to Protect Your Blog From Hackers
Blogging has to be a popular way of communicating ideas, opinions, and information to the outside world not to mention that it is also an opportunity for generating some income. Such is the popularity of blogs that hackers are now looking to exploit the vulnerability of millions of blogs around the globe. Still, many bloggers… (2 comments)

7 Best Free Review Plugins for WordPress
Online reviews are important for all online entrepreneurs and E-business owners. It helps them to influence the choice of anonymous web visitors, ensure their active & positive participation and enables them to develop a solid foundation to create a relationship with more and more customers easily. When you operate a WordPress website, you can add… (5 comments)

What is WordPress ?
In this article, I like to share the great news about WordPress. Most of them well known about WordPress and also their uses. Some of them are didn’t know about it. Here, myself mainly focused on to share this article for WordPress beginners to learn it. What is mean by WordPress? It is one of… (2 comments)