Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Website On Google

Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Website On Google

All of them like to improve our own website to comes first on google search engine to get more views , product sales through his website…etc. If your website comes first on google search using your particular keywords you can easily earn more money from your website. Example : Your website mainly focus online shopping means, some one search online shopping in google search , then your website comes first they can visit your site to purchase some orders it will gives extra income to your packet. There are lots of way to promote your website to get first on google search. In this post i would like to share the most top 10 ways to promote your website on google. I hope it will surely helps to comes first in google search, i am using the same strategy on my website, it gives wonderful effects for my website to comes in google search.

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Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Website On Google

Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Website On Google : 

Google Adwords :

Google Adwords is one of the world popular website for paid advertising using Pay Per Click (PPC). Most of the website owners are used this option to comes first on google search engines. It will helps to place your ads on google search as well as the partner publishers websites.

Google YouTube Advertising :

YouTube is one of the best platform to comes your website on google very easily. Create the videos for your business , products…etc to upload it on YouTube and share it to all,. If some one search some product reviews means your videos will be comes first based on the particular keywords on your videos. . In this YouTube Platform you can use YouTube Search Engine Marketing to ensure your videos comes first on google search.

Google Plus Social Media :

Google plus social media is also one of the best platform to comes your website on google search. It will helps to share the product details, website info, blog…etc. Nowadays most of them mainly focus on the google plus post sharing, because of its one of the free option to get the website in google search.

Google Map :

Google Map is one of the best place to share your business location listing on google, Its one of the free service in google to show the correct location on your local business places. where local users may find as well as discover your business as per your location.

Google Groups : 

Google has Millions of groups, in this groups where users will discuss and share their own ideas infront of the overall universal google community. Google groups is one of the best places to speak and talk about your business services as well as share the brief information about your business products. Day today members are increased in google groups.

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Google Blog Search : 

Google Blog Search is a great technology main focused on the Blogs. It’s one of the free service, you can easily register yourself to submit your blogs. All the submitted blogs will be included in google blog search.

Google GMail :

Google GMail is the best way to promote your product as well as your website. In all over the world each and every one having the gmail account, it’s mainly used for communication purpose to share the information anywhere at any location. In GMail there is an option called as signature. Use the signature to every outgoing email and add the links of your blogs or websites in your signature. This is a cool way to market your product as well as your website. This is one of the easiest way to promote something without any efforts.

Google Support and Help Forums : 

Using the Google Support and Help Forums to share your ideas and ask the doubts. it will helps to interact the audience to came back your website or buy your products. Solve the others problem in the help forums to get your website listing in google.

Google Sites :

Google has launched the google sites, It’s mainly used to create website easily. It’s one of the free service, anyone created the website for its small business sites (or) bigger business websites. Google sites rank very easily in google search, it helps to listing the pages in google search engine.

Google Documents :

Google Documents is the great place to creating the advertising documents, products, services, catalog …etc on your business. You can also use Google Documents on your website or to upload on to the document sharing sites. you can also easily create the Vote Polls in google docs to interact the user to submit the vote of your business products,services,quality as well as  feedback.

Conclusion : 

I hope the above article will be really helpful for you to know the simple marketing tips to share your business products and websites, And know about how to use the social platforms to get the audience for your business. Sharing is wealth, Kindly share this post to all. Keep stay tuned to learn more latest technology tips.

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