Top 12 Tips to Get More Backlinks for Your Website

Top 12 Tips to Get More Backlinks for Your Website

very website or blog owners are slightly worried about “How to get more quality backlinks for his website” While starting your website or blog all of them like to become first on Google search, then only get more visitors to his website as well as reach more people at an short period of time. Research about keywords to get high quality keywords for your website, that’s the best way to reach more people in Google search, it’s one of the first simple step on basic SEO to get more backlinks for your website as well as blog. Before building any backlinks for your website, first you must need to know your best keyword suitable for your website, which will be your anchor text. The keyword must be located in title/domain. Anchor Text is nothing but text/keyword that is clickable. Here I will add the simple example about Anchor text. Example: <a href=> Tech Info World </a>, in this example Tech Info World is the Anchor text or Keyword of my website. Anchor Link is  Ok!!! Now let’s comes to this wonderful article about Top 12 Tips to Get More Backlinks for Your Website.

Tips to Get More Backlinks for Your Website

Here Are the Top 12 Ways to get backlinks:

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the best option to get High Quality backlinks for your website easily, first you must need to find out the High Page Rank Blogs.

It’s very easy and simple one to find the High PR blogs, just go to Google search engine and search it “How to find High PR Blogs” you will get the tons of ways. Collect all the best High PR Blogs Website links and note it on one of the separate word document. Once you got 50 website links start the work to commenting on that blog link.


  • Don’t post unwanted comments did not related to article on that blog.
  • Use unique Name as well as mail id, it will helps to add your comment as normal comment, didn’t goes your comment as spam list.
  • Don’t write comment like this “very nice” “wonderful article” “useful one”, try to add little bit lengthy comment about the article of the post and also share your thoughts about the post.

Link Exchange

This will works best based on your site page rank, if your website had a High Page Rank, It’s really worth for you. Then you just request the link exchange on the same niche of your related website.  Go to his website contact page and write the little bit bio about yourself and request about the link exchange, share your page rank, Alexa rank (optional). Once they accept and return back to your mail response you get success. The process is He will put your Anchor text on his/her site, and you also put his/her Anchor link with text on your site.


Nowadays Google Update his algorithm, doesn’t calculate the Page rank for newly create website. So you don’t worry about how to get high page rank link website, try to get website links based on the most popular Alexa rank websites and start contact him to share about the link exchange.

Forum Profiles

In Nowadays forum is also one of the best and wonderful option to get backlinks for your site. Forum is mainly used for asking the queries based on the forum rules and regulations. Every website and blog owners having the separate domain or sub-domain for forum website. High Quality website forum mainly used for getting the feedback about the products and queries, to give the solution of the problem. Me also having the forum for my Tech Info World blog, you can also join and added your profile to get backlink of my forum website and also ask your queries related to technology. You can also checkout my Tech Info World Forum ( right now.

Now you think how to get forum website links, I will share the simple tips, Just type in Google search “Technology forum website links”, Surely you will get the more number of High Quality Page rank forums, kindly register on them, and go to profile section to add the little bit bio about yourself and also add the Anchor text link on it, Most of the forum site having the separate option for adding website. Try to add the link of the website, it’s one of the backlink for you.

Web Directories

Millions of free web directories available in Google, the work of yours to register on those web directories websites and submit your website. Filling the field as Website title, Keywords, description and website link. Most of the free web directories also having the featured listing option, don’t worry about that, just go for the free listing services it will gives nearly 90% options as same as featured listing.


These free web directories are not strong as high quality page rank website backlinks, but it still worth for it, get every backlink on your website is one of the plus point to get more traffic of your site as well as reached all over the world in an short time. So don’t hesitate to getting backlinks for your website or blog

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of my favorite option to get more unique backlinks for my technology blog. Every website and blog owners must do this wonderful guest post option to get more wonderful backlinks for his website and blogs. In my Tech Info World Blog also provide the free Guest option for all the technology blog lovers to write the article related to technology. It’s simple one to get backlinks for your blog, write the free article with one or two anchor texts inside your wonderful article.

guest post


  • Article must be more than 400 – 700 words.
  • Try to add one or two images related to your written guest post article
  • Add only one or two anchor texts, don’t add more than two anchor texts on your article.
  • Main important think is don’t copy the same article published on the some other website, it’s against the guest blogging policy.

Press Release

In think it’s new to hear this word for everyone, me also hear the word as new latter I realize it’s also one of the best way to reach more peoples for newly launched website. This is usually done once you are launching an event or something on your website…etc. “How to write the press release”, it’s very simple just search it on Google. Submit your site as many as possible press release sites, but it will take few more days to approve your press release, but it’s really worth, once the press release approve you will get the backlink as well as wonderful reach of your site in all over the world.


Still Now, I didn’t use this option to get backlinks for my website, if any one try this and works means, kindly share your wonderful experience on comment section.

Buying text Links


Buying Anchor text links is also the best way to get more traffic for your website and also get backlinks for your site at some time. “How to get Anchor text links from other website”, It’s easy and simple but you need to pay some set of amount to the other website owners to put your anchor link on their site. The prices may be vary depending upon the page rank as well as Alexa rank, traffic of their website.


  • Try to search most popular website to share your link.
  • Target the websites based on the same niche as your site.
  • Don’t spend more amount of money to add Anchor text link on other website, try to choose other alternative methods such as guest blogging, Link Exchange and much more…

Buying Blog Posts

Nowadays most of the bloggers doing this option to more popular at a short period of time. Started his blog with some of them motivation, later they can’t write article on daily or no time to update the blog post regularly. That time blog owner decide to buy the blog post to reach more peoples to visit his blog. Most of the article writer using this option to earn money easily. Once you buying the blog posts that’s contains two option such as

They will write the article for your site and publish it on your blog, you will give the proper credentials to the particular author to publish the article.

Sometimes they will article for your site and publish it on his own blog and give the backlink for your site.


Buying blog post prices are vary based on the quality of the article as well as the length of the article.

I prefer don’t do this for your blog. You create your blog for your own interest, then why you decide others to write the article on your blog, try to spend at least one hour per day to write article.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is very powerful to get more backlinks for your blog or website, but its little bit complicated to get backlinks for your answers on yahoo answers. First you must search on Google about “Yahoo Answers” Then goes to the Yahoo answers website to create an account for your blog and choose the respective category related as same as your niche, Answer the peoples questions, every second lots of peoples joined and asking their queries to get their solution, you must also doing the same on yahoo answer. Once your answer got the best answer by the questioner, your answer will be showed as the first on the question.


  • Once you answer the people’s question on yahoo answer, First 25 answers, don’t put any link related to your website or other website links in the comment box.
  • Later add your website links or related website links based on the question in the comment box.
  • Your Answer must be exactly the person’s question, don’t share the answers irrelevant to the particular question.

Social Media Backlinks

Social Media is more powerful to get backlinks for your website or blog. Join all the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, then goes to your all joined social network profile section add your bio information as well as add all joined social networks link. In the profile section all the social networks will having the option for adding the website links, try to add your website link.


  • Above mentioned social network list is the major and more popular in the world.
  • You must daily share your blog post on all joined social media network.
  • In Facebook joined more groups related to your blog niche and share your blog post, it will helps to drive the traffic and get more new visitors to your site.
  • In twitter share the blog article title with link, it will help to get traffic for your site and also get the backlinks.


Quora is also more powerful site to get more unique backlinks, it’s also same as the Yahoo answers, in daily lots of user joined and ask the all type of queries to get the decent solution for his problem. Go to the website and register the new account for yours, provide the real name and include the original details. Once get the conformation mail and accept to login your Quora account, then goes to my profile section to add the detail information about yourself and your website link on the profile. It’s one of the backlink for your website comes from Quora.


  • Ask the question with unique and useful for others.
  • Provide your answer with brief explanation related the question asked by the user, don’t share the irrelevant answer to the questions.
  • Try to add the source link or related website link for the respective question, to visit the link for useful to all.
  • Once you provide the website link for your answer on the question, it will also get the backlink for your website. Its drive more traffic to your site and reach more people.

Article Directories

Article directories is best for sharing your own created article to get high quality massive traffic for your blog. Writing Unique articles yourself to submit it on High Page rank article directories.  Search it on Google about “High Page Rank article directories”, note down all the website links then goes to the respective article directory website to submit your unique article.


  • It will take few more days to approve your article to publish on his article directory.
  • Joined more article directories to upload your unique content to drive more traffic to your website and also get the high quality backlinks for your website at life long time.


I hope, now all of them understand about “How to get more backlinks for your website”. These are the top 12 tips followed by all the website as well as blog owners to reach more people and get high quality backlinks. It’s one of the best article I wrote it, research more and done it. Sharing is carrying, Try to share this tips to all. Its helps to learn more about backlink generating tips for blog owners and website owners.

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