5 Creative Ways to Market Your Mobile App Using Social Platforms
A perfect marketing quote for all those businesses, who want to promote their products or services through different marketing platforms. Not only products even they can market their application using different social platforms. In the recent years, social media platforms have been established as one of the most effective marketing channels for developers, who are… (1 comment)

Top 8 Free Job Search Apps for Mobile
A lot of people hesitate to change the job knowing how time-consuming and tiresome this process could be. It is hard to deny that job search demands some efforts. However, it could be much easier than you think. This article will give you a hint on how to find a job using your smartphone. Check… (0 comment)

iOS Vs Android: which OS is better?
When looking for a new phone, the biggest question is not so much about what kind of device to choose, but which smartphone operating system to choose? The operating system is the main factor that determines how will the phone’s software look and what functions the phone will have. And even though there are many… (0 comment)

Top Five Best Mobile VoIP Calling App 2016
If you want to talk with your friends and family member who is now far away from you in foreign country, then VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol can let you chat with your friend without spending money. So, VoIP is the simple way to connect with your friends with simplest and smartest way without… (2 comments)

Tech Info World Android App on Google Playstore
Tech Info World is one of the best online resource to share latest technology news, Google Adsense tips, WordPress, Plugins, Gadgets, Blogging tips, Money Making Tips. In this post i would like to share wonderful announcement for you all. More than 6 months of effect , i create my own android app for our Tech… (0 comment)

10 Reasons You Should Become An App Developer
Today is the era of digitalization. If you opt to become mobile app-developer, you can have a digital platform to widen the opportunity for earning money, even in your own scheduled hours at your home. Thus, you would encourage the contractual or freelance work. You would also witness the rapid growth of your future if… (0 comment)