Top Web Designing Mistakes Every Small Businesses Make

Top Web Designing Mistakes Every Small Businesses Make

Every business has a website that is an important part of a company’s branding and marketing. A good quality website has the potential to attract new customers and also enable the new and existing customers learn about your product and services and develop of sense of ownership and loyalty towards your company. Customers look for the website for a specific reason and ensure that you have answers for their questions. A poorly designed website could be the loss in the incoming cost and decrease in the potential revenue. Here are top web designing mistakes that most of the small business make:

  • Navigation is complicated: Navigation issues will lose your website’s popularity. Every user wants instant and immediate service on any requirement. If any visitor can’t find it flexible when searching on your website, surely the page tends to leave by them. So, if any customer or visitor of your site wants to know how to get information, then information can only be provided with better navigation tools.

Web Designing Mistakes

How to handle?

On every page of a website, there should be a navigation bar which redirects to the other areas of the site. It should be effortless, flexible and natural. Navigation must be your primary concern because it affects usability and accessibility. The navigation must be easy to handle for any new visitor so you must separate it into various sections.

  • Content is unorganized: A website must contain the information about your products, services which you offer. If your site contains lots of information like blog posts and links, then your visitors will have no idea what they are searching for as a result to switch to your competitors’ sites.


Content must be unique and short so visitor will stay to go on through the remaining. Content must be divided in the form of points, along with more headings and sub headings. Overall website information must be spacey and spelling with proper grammar is must.

  • Low quality and unrelated images: Images are the most proper thing to attract potential visitors to the website. More colorful and irrelevant use of images is not proper to put which distracts the user’s mind from the website. Use of low quality images having least resolution is distorted and not clear. Lots of images used don’t look good and page loading takes more time than usual.

What to do?

The use of images is always good but there must be a limit in the usage. Always use high quality images so it can be load on every electronic gadget and visually clear. Don’t use irrelevant images.

  •  Contact Information: Unavailability of contact information is the major mistake. If you are selling, you need to offer visitors various ways to connect with you. Do not make your website visitors search for your contact page. Otherwise, user will likely get frustrated and leave.

What will help?

Contact Page is one of the most important page of your website. It is always the most visited site page. Include your office number, the mobile number where it is clearly visible as well as make your Contact Page one click away to call for mobile visitors. Put the email id so users will quickly find the right information.    

  • Flashy design: We know that in order to be successful on the Internet you need to focus on marketing your website but not on Flashy design. Flashy, a complex design doesn’t look good on mobile phones, tablets. It is not an effective marketing strategy. Mashy look of the website will ensure customer spend very little time on it. If user cannot find out what to do next, then sure they might leave the page.

Go for this!

Always keep it simple and natural while designing. Make use of the proper colors, improves readability and highlight the headings and sub headings with bright colors. Keep the design well focused on what the site is all about. You will find the top Website designing firm in Nashik. Have a look for them.

Take a look at your website and see the mistakes and if any changes you can correct them to increase site visitors. Hope this article will help you and ensure your website will work hard for your business. Have a look for the best Website designing firm in Nashik will definitely help you increase your business.

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