Survey Reveals Taxi Drivers Will Extinct By 2027

Survey Reveals Taxi Drivers Will Extinct By 2027

A survey conducted by an online blog revealed that taxi drivers are among the top jobs that are expected to become obsolete within a decade.

With technological advancements shaping the world and affecting the job market, certain professions are expected to become obsolete within the next ten years or so, as they are being replaced by better online alternatives. According to World Economic Forum, due to the advent of AI technology, about 5 million jobs are expected to be vanished by 2020.

To discover the professions that will not be around us in the next ten years, Bidvinecarried out a survey of more than 1,200 people, which revealed that taxi drivers job will extinct by 2027 with 36% respondents voting for it. Educators occupy the second slot in the extinct list with a percentage of 18%. Other professions in the top 5 included cashiers (11%), Tube Drivers (10%) and journalists (9%).

Other jobs to become obsolete are:

Pilots – 7%

Accountants – 5%

Travel agents -2%

Postmen and Translators -1%


When participants were asked about the reasons why they think certain jobs will become obsolete, 72% considered major technological advancements to be the cause, while 26% reported growing convenience of online services is the major factor.

Self-Driving Cars are the main reason why taxi drivers won’t be needed in the future. 73% people believe fully autonomous driving technology will lay off most competent drivers of this era.

The online learning platforms are providing modern learning techniques for students. Such platforms (according to 51% participants) will slowly take over the traditional educational industry.

65% respondents identified self-service checkout as one of the main reasons for the elimination of cashier jobs. Amazon’s cashless store is a fine example why people voted cashier jobs are at risk.

37% respondents believed the rise of citizen journalism on social media and the weakening of print journalism (46%) would vanish journalists in the next 10 years.

Around 57% people thought that the pilots and postmen are likely to lose their jobs, as they will be replaced by drones.

74% believed that due to the advancements in financial software, accountants will disappear and 90% of the participants who thought translators will extinct blameGoogle translator for it.

SohrabJahanbani, CEO said the technology is playing a major role in shaping the job market. We can relate it to the industrial revolution of the 18th century, but some jobs like plumbers, wedding photographers etc are likely to stay for long, and Bidvine can help link customers with the best experts.

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