Reasons Why You Need to Invest in SEO Services

Reasons Why You Need to Invest in SEO Services

Nowadays, no business can afford to overlook the importance of SEO, no matter how big or small, or what industry you operate in. Having a dominant online presence is essential if you are going to stand out from the competition. Below, we take a look at the different reasons why you should invest in the services of a SEO agency in Manchester in further detail.

Did you know that organic search can account for as much as 64 per cent of all visits to a website? This is according to a study conducted by Conductor, which analyzed more than 310 million visits to 30 different websites. This shows how important white hat techniques are in boosting website traffic.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2017 (Infographic)

You will also increase website visits and sales by ranking your website in local search directly leads. Optimizing your site for local search is vital, and this is what a SEO agency in Manchester can assist with.

After all, an increasing number of people are utilizing local search queries for the purpose of identifying local companies and finding out directions, hours, and locations. Research by Google has revealed that every one in two people who perform a local search on their smartphone visit a store on the same day.

Research also shows that SEO leads tend to perform better than outbound leads, resulting in higher close rates. This is according to Search Engine Journal. They stated that the average close rate for outbound leads is just 1.7 per cent while the average close rate for SEO is a massive 14.6 per cent.

SEO Checklist 2017 for New Website

By investing in SEO services, not only are you ensuring that your website is properly optimized for improved search engine results, but you improve user experience too. User experience is a critical ranking factor.

Search engines want to see websites that have a mobile-friendly design, as well as good user signals, including low bounce rates and high time on site, and good integration of relevant videos and photos.

So, by optimizing your website for SEO, it means that you are automatically boosting user experience. This means increased brand loyalty, more trust, and higher conversion rates.

A final reason why you need SEO is because this is an approach that can boost your brand’s credibility. You will show that you are a key player in your industry by ranking high in search engine result pages.

On the other hand, if you are on the 3rd or 4th page, for example, it could cause unwanted assumptions.

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As you can see, the benefits associated with SEO are extensive, and no business can afford to overlook them. Nevertheless, if you are to reap the rewards of all of the advantages mentioned above, you do need to choose a SEO agency in Manchester with care.

So, make sure they have a considerable amount of experience, a good reputation, and take a look at some of the work they have done thus far.

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