Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks for Every iPhone Users Must Know!

Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks for Every iPhone Users Must Know!

Are you eager to know about “Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks for Every iPhone Users”, If yes then this wonderful article its for yours only… Keep reading. Nowadays, Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world and also the most expensive product with more features.

Today’s World, Every businessman having the Apple iPhone, because it’s one of the branded product and lots of inbuilt features to do his work with less time. Ok ! Let us come to this article. Check it below for iPhone Tips and iPhone Tricks

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Following are the Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks for Every iPhone Users:

1. Save Battery Life in iPhone tips

Every iPhone user must follow this iPhone tips to save your battery life. Put first priority for this battery saving tips to save your battery life for your iPhone and use it as long as you can.

  • Don’t Use Unwanted apps for your iPhone, it will drain your battery life.
  • Use less amount of iPhone apps and remove the unwanted apps.
  • While using the internet connection to surf and download whatever you have done it on your iPhone mobile. Once finished all the works disable the mobile data connection.
  • Prefer to using the internet connection through wi-fi. it helps to save the battery life.
  • Disconnect the charger, once its complete 100% battery full.
  • Connect the charger, Once the battery level goes below 10%. it surely helps to save your battery health and longer life.
  • At the point when your iPhone battery is running low, killing the accompanying settings can help make your iPhone last more. With these off, you can, in any case, get calls, SMS and even run online with EDGE association.
  • The spotlight is truly valuable for rapidly surfacing information on your telephone. Keeping in mind the end goal to do that, nonetheless, the apparatus needs to continually overview your telephone for new information and file it. To temper, the consequences for your battery, go to Settings > General >Spotlight and uncheck the things you don’t really require filed.

iPhone tips and tricks battery life

Below are the main 8 important points to save your iPhone battery life on running below 10% battery level,

1) Settings >> Wi-Fi >> Off.

2) Settings >> Bluetooth >> Off.

3) Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services >> Off.

4) Settings >> General >> Cellular >> Enable 3G >> Off.

5) Settings >> General >> Cellular >> Enable LTE >> Off.

6) Settings >> Sounds >> Vibrate on Ring and Silent >> Off.

7) Settings >> Brightness and Wallpaper >> Auto-Brightness >> Off.

8) Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars >> Fetch New Data >> Off.

2. Set An Alphanumeric Passcode on iPhone

Are you like to add extra protection your passcode? If you say yes!!!.. Then use this iPhone tips is for yours only…

Include an additional layer of Security to your iPhone with an alphanumeric password. it’s one of the best options to secure your password with more effective way.

iPhone alphanumeric password

If you like to activate it, then go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Turn off Simple Passcode you will be provoked to enter your alphanumeric secret key.

3. Type Emoji with Shortcuts on iPhone

If you like to use Emoji in messaging on your iPhone but you don’t like to switch the virtual keyboards repeatedly on your iPhone Typepad, then try this simple trick to type Emoji with alphabets shortcuts on your iPhone.

iphone tricks emoji shortcut

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut…

Embed a much of the time utilized Emoji in Phrase.

Embed a content in Shortcut which will be utilized to change over to Emoji.

4. Turn iPhone AssistiveTouch Icon On/Off Quickly

Numerous iPhone clients have activated AssistiveTouch to lighten the weight from the Home button. Be that as it may, it could be a touch of irritating since it is dependable over the screen. We’ve composed a quick tip to control you on the best way to turn the AssistiveTouch menu symbol ON and OFF effectively on below iPhone tips.

Assitive touch on/off in iPhone
Image source:

Here, we will utilize a straightforward trap of triple-taps on the Home button to Toggle AssistiveTouch.

To enable it ”Three times-click Home”, tap on Settings > General > Accessibility.

Here, tap on ‘Three times Home’ and select Toggle AssistiveTouch.

Once that the option is activated, then try it!

Note: To turn on the AssistiveTouch symbol, Three times-tap on iPhone Home button once more. It will take around 2 seconds to bring back the AssistiveTouch symbol.


5. Generate Random Passwords with Siri on your iPhone

Truly, the voice assistant Siri can accomplish more than what it offers in command lists, including producing irregular that means random passwords for you.

Siri secure password iphone
Image Source:

Simply activate Siri and say “random password” and you’ll be given an 8-alphanumeric-character watchword from Siri. You can even include the character length e.g. “random password 16 characters”.

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6. Turn Off Read Receipts in iMessage on your smart iPhone

iMessage is a cool approach to send free content, photograph, and video messages to companions who are using iOS 5 or more.

read receipt messages iphone
Image Source:

Read receipts enable your companions to see whether you’ve seen their message or not. Yet, in the event that you don’t need your companions told off when you have perused their messages,

Go to Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts > Off.

7. Disable Messages Preview

Here is a basic approach to anticipate others (see example: annoying father, mother, sister, sibling, closest companion) from inadvertently reading your incoming SMS Alerts. when your iPhone is left unattended.

disable message preview on iphone

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Preview. Tap the choice and turn it off to bar a review of the message in alarms and flags.

8. Formatting Email Content on your iPhone

You can design your email content while composing it on your iPhone. Simply highlight the content you need to arrange, at that point tap on the choice arrow to search for the “BIU button. Tap on it and select the format you need from Bold, Italics or Underline.

Formatting iPhone bold italic underline

9. Blue or Green Color Messages in iPhone

In the event that you possess an iPhone, you may have seen something odd in the Messages application: A few messages are blue and some are green. What’s the arrangement with that?

Blue and Green iMessage on Iphone
Image Source:

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Short answer: Blue ones have been sent or got utilizing Apple’s iMessage innovation, while green ones are “conventional” instant messages traded by means of Short Messaging Service or SMS.

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10. Stop The Music With A Timer on iPhone

Do you jump at the chance to tune in to music while getting into bed for the night yet regularly rest off without turning the iPhone off? You can utilize a clock to enable you to close down the music.

iPhone timer to stop play audios

To do this, tap on Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends. Look down and tap Stop Playing. At that point, set a clock (say 30 mins) and tap Start. Presently you may play any music and it will be killed after 30 mins.

Bonus iPhone Tips:

1.How to Add Custom Vibration Alerts for iPhone?

Need to know whether your closest companion is calling while never taking a gander at the telephone? Covered in the contact settings, a fun choice gives you a chance to make custom vibration designs for your contacts.

To do it, go to Contacts, pick a contact, and tap Edit in the upper-right corner.

At that point, look down and explore to Vibration > Create New Vibration. In the intelligent screen, tap and hold to make an example, utilizing long presses for long vibration notes.


When you’re associated with in-flight Wi-Fi or going without an information design, you can, in any case, send instant messages to iPhone-utilizing companions.

Simply make a beeline for Settings > Messages and ensure Send as SMS is impaired, and that iMessage is empowered.

3.How to Charge your iPhone as 100% faster?

At times you have to charge your telephone quick. The quickest approach? Off-line mode.

With all sending and accepting of information remove, your telephone will charge substantially speedier. Simply make sure to leave the backdrop illumination off, as well.


I hope this article about Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks for Every iPhone Users will surely helpful for iPhone user to know the inbuilt features and most valuable iPhone tips and tricks. If any queries share your questions through the comment section. Comming days I will surely add more valuable worth content to the visitors with more iPhone tips and tricks. If the article is really helpful, kindly share it to others.

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