Interview with Super Successful Blogger – Gaurav Kumar from eAskme

Interview with Super Successful Blogger – Gaurav Kumar from eAskme

In this series of interview with super successful professional bloggers. I am going to introduce you with a very inspiring and super successful blogger, Gaurav Kumar. Gaurav is not only the founder of eAskme but he is running more than 100 blogs under his shadows. He has also made thousands of dollars till now with blogging every month.

Let`s know more about Gaurav Kumar from himself.

You can learn more about his creations from main blog eAskme.

Hi Gaurav, I am really happy to have you as a guest on , please introduce yourself as may be some of my readers do not know you?

Hi Anto, it is my great pleasure to do interview for your blog. You are a really creative blogger.

For those who do not know m, I am Gaurav Kumar, professional blogger from India. I blog about startup business, Blogging and latest technology. I started my blogging journey in 2014, with After that I started many websites under my blog network. I am designer by education and full time blogger by profession.


You are really an inspiring blogger, how did you start Blogging?

You may call it a great blogger, But I always believe in being a learning blogger who always ready to learn more. I am learning more and more things every day, to be a really Great ProBlogger. I like to work more on my blogs.

After a long time working in MNC`s I finally decided that blogging is something which is my type of work. First I started few blogs on BlogSpot to learn and explore about blogging.

Later in 2014 I finally decided to become a professional blogger and started eAskme. Within 6 months I started making $300-$500. It was the time when I finally devoted myself to blogging and become a professional blogger.

I read all of your blogs and I believe that you put lot of efforts to keep your blog running and make them successful, where you get that much motivation?

When I work on my blogs, my main motto is to find out how my articles will be helping the readers. My focus is always to create easy to understand articles which answers the readers’ questions.

I also believe that people love eAskme not because it has so much content but because it answers their queries.

When it comes to how to articles I always try to talk to the point.

Q :  In a blogging journey there are lots of ups and downs. How you managed to overcome these?

A bloggers journey is full of ups and downs. I did mistakes and learned from them. In the beginning my English was not good, so I started focusing on that. I have improved and still trying to learn as much as I can.

There was one more thing which I had to overcome and that was fear of getting failed. With time I have learned that it is always good to improve even what I have written earlier. We can try success and failure depends upon many things.

It is always great to see eAskme growing, what is the best traffic generation strategy?

I always love the traffic from search engines. But there is also a good amount of traffic which my blogs gets from

GooglePlus, facebook, twitter etc. There is no doubt that Facebook and twitter are the biggest social media platforms to boost real engaging traffic.

How you manage to attract lot of guest bloggers at eAskme?

Blogging is a journey of professionals. The more we connect with other professional bloggers the more we learn from them. I always like to keep things simple and transparent. I have also mentioned that I share 100% revenue with them. I also focus on branding of guest blogger.

Even if I have to reject an article, I always give a strong and valid reason for it. If you become a regular guest poster on eAskme you will find out these things.

What is the biggest mistake you have done as a blogger?

Plagiarism is one of the biggest mistakes which most of the newbie bloggers do. I started blogging on Blogspot by copy post as I was not aware about what is the impact of that. At that time I was not aware of how to do blogging and how to make money with blogging. When I realized, I deleted that blog.

The second thing was that I was not aware of SEO aat that time. So I complete ignored that. I started blog but never optimized, not even used Sitemap.

But now I know that for every single blogger it is really important to know SEO.

What is the best way to make money blogging?

In the beginning Google Adsense is always a great source of passive or recurring income. But the same time it is nothing as compared to the earning from an affiliate sale.

Making money depends upon many factors such as Traffic and SEO. If you wants to make money blogging, you should learn blogging and SEO.

eAskme is really a great blog, can any other blog be successful like eAskme?

eAskme is not just for bloggers but for every singleperson around the world. People can not only learn how to make money online but also learn how to get motivation in hard times.

My Cousin has recently started and he is learning how to make it big. I believe he can bring some amazing results.

Any advice for bloggers?

Do not copy the style of others. Be creative and find your very own writing style. When you stat blogging always focus on popularity not just on money.

Who is your favourite blogger?

It is not easy for me to name as there are many bloggers whose writing style really inspires me. As you wants to know Amit Agarwal from Labnol and Darren Rowse from problogger are really inspiring bloggers.

For the sake of my readers, can you please tell about your other websites and social platforms?

Currently there are few blogs which are actively running under my blogging network.

eAskme: Ask me anything for all Bloggers and money making tips.

WikiAskme: Blog for technology

Wikihealthblog : As the name specifies it is a health blog

iOSCrunch: It is aniche blog

AwardWinningBlog : a Newbie blog who is learning how to do it

– Connect with me on twitter and Facebook.

This is really an amazing interview of super successful blogger Gaurav Kumar. I have always been learning from Gaurav and he is really inspirational. You can check his above blogs to learn his stuff.

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  • Hi Anto,

    Thank you for publishing my interview on techinoworld. It is a good place to for newbie bloggers to learn new things and improve their blogging skills.

    keep doing good work.

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    I am a great fan of Gaurav Kumar and been folowing easkme from long time. I have seen his interview at many sites and blogs, so it is really good to see him published here also.

    Thanks for sharing, he is really inspirational

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    I like to know more about blogging. it is really good to see how professional bloggers work and their success stories. Gaurav has done an excellent job.

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    I know Gaurav Kumar and I know his sites are successful
    Best of luck with eAskme and the other sites

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    This is the first time I am on your blog and I found this interview really inspirational and motivating. I really like to think about a blogger and I believe Gaurav is the great man.

    I have also checked you blog and found it is really interesting. I will keep visiting to read more.

    • Thank you so much Mr. Vicky. Founder of Gaurav Kumar is one of the best person to guide and help all others to build blogging statergies and much more..

  • Gaurav kumar, the man behind the very popular blog How he shared his experiences in blogging will be a great helpful for all new bloggers. Very impressive thing which i noticed his way of sharing knowledge about blogging and make money out of it.

    We can find all tips and tricks from his articles on his blog eASkme. What i thought is main motive of his blogging is to inspire every new bie blogger to make money online.

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    I am great fan of Gaurav Kumar and eAskme. he is indeed a great blogger and really inspirational personality. I have learned a lot from him and his blog eAskme.

    I really appreciate that you have shared his story.

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    It is too good to learn that there are possibilities to make money online as a professional blogger. I will try to learn more about blogging and money making.

    It is really good that you have shared about Gaurav Kumar. He is a real inspirational person.

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    It is good to know about Gaurav Kumar. I was not aware that he is the founder of eAskme. He is doing such a great job. You are also doing great in blogging and tech updates. thanks for sharing.

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    It is so great to see that professional bloggers are getting more exposure through these interviews. It is also good to learn about how they are making money online and motivating others to do it.

    Thank you for sharing really motivational interview of Gaurav Kumar.

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    knowing about journey of professional bloggers is always helpful to learn how to deal with the hard times in your career. Journey of a professional blogger is always go through lots of ups and downs.

    It is so good to know more about Gaurav Kumar. He is really a remarkable blogger. Thanks for sharing his interview.

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    It is so good to learn about Gaurav Kumar. I have been following his blogs and know that he is managing many blogs. He has also helped me fixing banner error on WordPress, SO I know he is a really helping person.

    It is so good to see that he is featured here.

    Your template is also really cool.

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    I have just started learning blogging from last few days and found that the Gaurav kumar is a really influential blogger. I was searching more about him and found this interview. thanks you for sharing. It is so good to learn from his journey as a professional blogger.

  • Learning from the life of professional bloggers always help to understand the challenges and the issues they have faced before they touched the first step of success.

    Thanks for sharing this motivational interview.


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