How to Personalize Your Home Page on Google Website Part–II

How to Personalize Your Home Page on Google Website Part–II

Welcome to everyone, In the previous post we will discuss How To Create Free Website In Google Part on Google. I hope all of them understand the part – I of free website designing on Google.  In this part one, I will be a detailed explanation about How to create the site with simple 10 steps, How to login, how to choose the name of your website as well as website link address and much more we discuss on the part- I.

Now let’s comes to this post we will discuss the second part of the Google website designing, here I will explain about How to customize or personalize your created Google free website template home page. It’s little bit difficult to modify the home page.

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If you know very well in HTML, CSS means it’s very easy and simple for you. Otherwise, it will be the little bit complicated, but I will explain you with clear and simple to anyone can understand and edit the home page of the free Google website template home page.  Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts with me, ask your doubts at any time.

Just Follow the below simple steps to edit Personalize your home page:

Step 1: All of them like to make the home page as more attractive to easily cover the user mind with choosing the wonderful color combination, adding his branding logo…etc.

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Step 2: On that page top right corner you will see the one of the Gear Icon. Click on that to choose the more options and then navigate to the “manage site”.


Step 3: Then look at the left-hand side menu, here you will go to choose the “colors as well as well as fonts”. Your website will be shown on the right side with your changes what you change color or fonts?.  Scroll down to change the items what you like, adding a logo image, change the color, change the font style…etc. Once you satisfy with your changes means click to save changes will shows at the bottom of the page.

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Step 4: One of the main advantages also available you can also use the already created color theme samples for your website. Go to under more options and then navigate to manage the site. Then go to choose the theme you like more. On the top of the main window you will see the preview option, click that to check the theme is suitable for your website, If theme it’s correctly suited for your website means click save changes to activate the theme for your website,

Step 5: Now your website Home Page will be Looks pretty wonderful when compared to other websites.

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I hope all of them easily understand the above steps to personalize your free Google website, Slow and steady wins the race, Work hard until you die. Put your efforts to customize the home page of your website.

Any Doubts Feel free to share ask through the comment section. Previous Article we discuss how to create a free website on Google, now this post we all of them understand and worked to customize the home page of your created Google free website.

Waiting For Next Part We will discuss more wonderful options behind on construction the website, Keep Stay stunned to learn more web design techniques and tips, Sharing Our Knowledge to Others, Kindly Share this article to all, We will meet you on the new wonderful topic soon…

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