Features Checklist While Buying A Wireless Router

Features Checklist While Buying A Wireless Router

Router is a device that forwards data packet on the networks like LANs and WANs.  They are the gate ways to two or more network connected. If you think wireless routers only connect the networks, you are almost missing a lot.  In need of internet access, everyone should know the tricks that the routers do for you to make your work very fast. Some of the advanced wireless routers feature will maximize your experience and make your life much easier.  Sometimes, logging into your router will be frightening and stranded without having internet. The features are safe to play around till you exercise caution.  You have to be very careful and smart when you are using your router which is connected to many networks.  Most famous routers are sold worldwide through online shopping to make sure that the entire world population is supported with secure and safe connection with the branded and standard routers available with the cheapest rates.

Security encryption – the most important factor determining security for routers

A wireless network installed without sufficient encryption is equal to a house without the entrance door with a welcome notice saying robbers are welcomed here at any time. The growing popularity of networks also led to a need for a more reliable protection mechanism which prevents the stealing of the Internet connection from the wireless network. Unluckily, many of the beginners computer owners choose to sacrifice for the process of encrypting the broadcasting of their wireless routers because of the complexity involved with the procedures. The process of encrypting on wireless routers is not easy as it seems.  To lock the routers, open the web browsers and type the IP address on the wireless routers in the address page. After entering the correct address you will be directed to the Administrator login page of the router. If you don’t like to change or modify the defaults, your boxes will appear blank. The password you provide will be stable and useful for the admin, keep it blank of you doesn’t have any idea. The default username and password should be along with the device documentations. After feed the correct user name and password, you will be able to feed the information provided for the security encryption.  Here you have to choose Wireless Security option from the wireless section of the router configuration page.  Here you have to click on the drop down menu and choose the encryption mode supported with a different range of security methods.

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The common choices would be WPA and WEP. After choosing the methods, choose the level of the encryption from 64 to 128 bits.  Higher the bit higher the security. You have to type a reference text to create key based on wireless encryption level. This will serve you as the password for all the wireless devices which were trying to use the network. Finally press the save change button so that the new configuration will take effect.  Test the encryption without the new password, now the connection will get failed. Now you repeat the same with the created password and click the connect button so that the entire device will be connected with the security encryption.

Filtering by MAC address and Port Forwarding – a strong connection to all your devices works without interruption 

By using the filtering, you will be able to allow or deny all the devices connected to your router. Some of the routers will allow or deny MAC address on an individual basis, but in the older frameware let you with list of MAC address all denied and all allowed. To maximize your security, you should all your MAC address to access the router, but it will be an inconvenient when your friend and relatives tried to use your network. Deny feature will work here when you don’t like someone using your network.  Every piece of data traveling through the Internet has an IP address and a port.  The port differentiates when the IP address is used to send the same information, here the IP address is taken from the computer and the port is taken from the program which uses the information.  The IP address of your router is being broadcasted over the network to send and receive data to the specific devices.  These routers are very smart in sending information, but the port required manual forward in some situations.  Uncommon port ranges requires port forwarding for programs like video.  You have to keep remember that the server hosts also needed to forward their ports to the right devices.

Quality of Service and Wi Fi Multimedia helps in increasing your bandwidth

When you use internet for number of hours, your router will be attacked with thousands of different types of data like instant messages, websites, video streams, torrents, video games, software updates, and many more. So, you need to be very careful in buying routers online. I always prefer to buy most sold routers. Since, buyers know which one is best and which one is not. When your network activity reaching a high point, you will try to prioritize some of the data packets over the others to make sure it runs perfect. Here Quality of Service stars working.With Quality of Service, you will be able to provide greater bandwidth. When the router has a bunch of packets waiting to be sorted and sent out to the right devices, it will send out all packets on a priority basis before sending out any packets which were lower in priority. Wi-Fi Multimedia is a specialized form of Quality of Service that is easier to use.. Wi-Fi Multimedia is helpful to improve reliability and performance of all the data packets related to multimedia: audio, video, and voice.

Guest access and factory defaults to secure your device connectivity

When your friends or relatives comes to you and ask for internet connection, you won’t be able to say them that you are not willing to give them your router password which is connected to the internet and the related devices which were connected over the router. For this reason Guest access feature comes into the picture with the guest capacity. The guest can get access to internet, but not to the entire device which you have connected to the router.  When all the settings for devices and routers get broken, the factory reset comes into picture.  If you try to reset, you will miss out most of the settings which is like erasing a slate and start from the first line. You have to consult our router manual for those specifications.  Most of potentials can be locked when you use the routers properly.  The wonders of routers start from you when you know their features to workout.

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