5 steps to consider before buying a new Android phone

5 steps to consider before buying a new Android phone

Android phone: Are you like to learn more about 5 steps to consider before buying a new Android phone? It’s interesting … keep reading. Choosing a mobile device is determined by the levels of engagement or the work you intend to accomplish. We are living in the world where technological advancement has evolved so rapidly.

The entry of Android phones has completely made the works of people easier. Currently, one can comfortably work in the comfort of their home, since the android phones can be converted into an office. There is the advent of many applications which are supported by the Android system, making it easy to perform basic functions.

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For example, a good android smartphone can be able to support QuickBooks, which is an accounting application. It enables the individual to manage credits and debits as well as generating invoices. The market is flooded with all manner of Android phones. Some are fake while others are genuine. Bargain Hunter’s blog provides you with a series of informative posts.

It includes tech, reviews, mobiles and others. You need proper knowledge of all important features of an android phone, and otherwise, you fall into the trap of fake sellers. Android-based devices are hitting the market because the Google Android platform is an open source which can be used by any smartphone manufacturer. The article will provide you with insight on how to choose the best Android phone.5 steps to consider before buying a new Android phone

Consider the Processor (CPU)

The processor for your smartphone is one essential thing that you should consider before investing your money on a phone. There is a linear relationship between the CPU and the functionality of your phone. Higher processing speed allows you to perform heavier tasks such as gaming. It provides excellent graphics which makes the gamer enjoy the entire process.

It should be understood that lower processing speed hinders some functionality and might make the phone to hang regularly. A Quad core processor is the fastest available for use. It provides excellent graphics for gaming activities. If you are operating on a low budget, Dual-core processor can also serve you but does not support heavy tasks. If your android phone is for bare essentials such as calling and texting, Dual-core can work well with you. However, anything below 1 GHz is not good for use.

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Battery Talktime and Standby Stats

Longevity of a battery is another important thing that should be considered before purchasing an android phone. The common assertion made by the users is that smartphones consume a lot of power. This is true depending on the number of applications the phone is running. The rule of the thumb is if you are a heavy user of your phone, choose the battery capacity which is higher. Of course, this comes at an added cost. Take time to establish the standby stats, to determine how the phone consumes power when not in use. The longer the battery life the better.


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Capability of handling 4G Technology

The world of technology is evolving rapidly. We are living in an era of the 4G network, which is faster and reliable. Remember that not all android phones support the 4G networks. Some are designed to operate on 3G and edge. When purchasing the phone, it is important to ensure that it has the capability of operating in a 4G zone, in order to benefit from the high-speed browsing. You can search for the setting to identify if the android phone of your choice has that functionality. Again, ability to support 4G comes at a little additional cost. However, all manufacturers of smartphones are making the phones with the ability to support the 4G network. This will make some expensive ones lower in cost.

Choose the Phone with the Technology of your Choice

People have different tastes when it comes to buying android phones. There are those who are interested in a good camera. If you are one of them, make sure you settle for the highest megapixel available. It should be noted that the higher the resolution of the camera, the higher the charge. Likewise, if you want to use third-party peripherals, phones with Bluetooth technologies would serve you better. Understanding your liking helps you to budget and hence minimize the chances of channeling money to the wrong device.

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Consider the memory capacity

Android phone with low memories is a nuisance to the user. If you want a phone where you can store photos, music and other important files, consider settling for those with high memory capacity. The Random Access Memory (RAM) should allow storage of personal information and run of important applications on the phone. Another factor to consider is scalability. The memory should be expandable to suit various functions. If you don’t store a lot of information on the phone memory, you can choose the cheapest in the market.

The above steps will assist you in choosing a phone that suits your budget. Mark them for your own benefit.

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