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How to upgrade "Hosted AdSense account" into "Normal AdSense Account"?

How to upgrade “Hosted AdSense account” into “Normal AdSense Account”?

How to upgrade “Hosted AdSense account” into “Normal AdSense Account”?

Google has made a one of the easiest way to upgrade your hosted AdSense account to regular Non-hosted (Normal) AdSense account. All you have to do is, submit the name of a website you have owned or controlled by you where you want to shows the AdSense ads. Then Google will manual review the submission of your website & check it for Google policy compliance. If the submitted website you have mentioned it meets the quality criteria and policy compliance requirements, Then Google will automatically upgrade your hosted account to normal account and the “hosted account” label will be permanently removed from your adsense account. Let’s we discuss the basics of difference between Hosted and Non-hosted (Normal) account in adsense.

Upgrade Hosted adsense account

What is Hosted Account?

In Google adsense , Hosted account created through only based on or YouTube channel. You can easily get hosted adsense account apply through blog or your YouTube channel. The main important thing is, if you are having hosted account you can use it only on websites as well as YouTube channels only. Main domain you can’t use it.

How to Create Google Adsense Account for Website

What is Non-Hosted (Normal) account?

If you are having the normal Google adsense account means, you can use it anywhere with the domain extension website under your control. You must following the Google adsense rules and regulations and also its policy about ads showing on your website. Otherwise you adsense account will be banned by Google adsense team.

NOTE: If you are not having your own website means, you may not able to upgrade from Hosted AdSense Account to Non-Hosted (Normal) account.

Follow the steps below to upgrade “Hosted Adsense account” into “Normal Adsense Account”:

  • Login to your AdSense account
  • In the left side navigation panel, Click on the menu as “Settings”.
  • It will show the list of menu panel, Here you will choose the menu as “Access and authorization”. Then it will show like the below image on your account.

How to Create New ad units in Google Adsense Account

  • In that above image, I will show ads on text box place, you need to provide the url of the website on which you want to show your Ads.
  • Type the url of the home page, of your website and then click “Submit”

Once website will be submitted to Google for review and you will hear back from them within a few days. In case Google team decides if your website link not compiles requirements and policy means, they not to approve your request to remove the limitation, you can still continue to use the AdSense in the host websites only.

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NOTE: Once you submit the application of upgrade hosted account to non-hosted account, you must need to implement the Google adsense ad code in one or more pages of the website you are submitting for review. It will show only blank ads until your application is reviewed .If they approved your adsense account only the ads will be showed as live, otherwise showed as blank space only.

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