Window Air Conditioner vs. Split Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner vs. Split Air Conditioner

With mercury level rising, the need for Air Conditions has increased. With such scorching heat, the need to sit at home becomes more relevant with Air conditioner by the side. However, Air conditioners are not just of one type. Usually, people are confused as to which AC to buy, Window or Split? But these depend on various factors which one need to work upon before purchasing the air conditioner. You would get a better d clear idea after reading the article and would make up your mind to buy the preferred one. Let us look at the detailed comparison of both so that you can decide as to which one you can buy?

Split AC

In the Split AC, Compressor and Condenser of the AC are placed outside as different units. The evaporator of the AC is in the indoor unit, which is responsible for cooling the room.

Window AC
The Window AC is only one unit having one face of the AC inside and other in the window or the desired gap. The inside of the AC has the evaporators, Control Panel, Filters, and fans while the Window side has the compressor and the condenser of the AC.
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Differences among Split AC and Window AC
• The Window AC has all the compartments in one unit while the Split AC has two units – Indoor and Outdoor. (Design)
• The space consumed by the Window AC is more as compared to the Split AC.
• The Installation of the Window AC is much more easy and simple than Split Easy.
• The Split ACs are expensive than Window AC even of same capacity and energy star rating. The Split AC installation is to be done for two units and is to be connected via a tube. This is why it costs more. While uninstalling and installing again, the Split Ac cost is more due to refilling of the gas.  (Installation cost and other costs)
• The Energy-efficient Window ACs and Splits ACs have a similar amount of Electricity bill. Split AC may consume more electricity than Window AC, but that would not make much of the difference while catering to purchase one AC. (Electricity Cost)
• The noise of the AC is quite Load in Window AC as the single Unit has all the components. In the Split AC, the compressor is in outdoor unit thus making less of noise at your sleeping place.  (Noise Levels)
• Servicing of the Window AC is much easier as compared to Split AC.
• The Capacity of the Window AC is maximum 2 Tons while Split AC has quite a big range of Capacity starting from 1 Ton.

Consider all the factors such as Size of the room, space, budget, noise levels and capacity while making the purchase decision.

Final Thoughts
It is very important to make the right decision before zeroing upon any Air conditioner. Lucrative Offers, discounts may attract you at times, but it is feasibility and impact of the purchase, which should be considered.  One wrong decision and your electricity bills can surge beyond your expectations.  Buying an AC is usually a long-term investment so energy efficient and a better star rating one should only be preferred.

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