What is WordPress ?

What is WordPress ?

In this article, I like to share the great news about WordPress. Most of them well known about WordPress and also their uses. Some of them are didn’t know about it. Here, myself mainly focused on to share this article for WordPress beginners to learn it.


What is mean by WordPress?

It is one of the best and largest self-hosted tool in the world.

It will be used by million numbers of website users in the world. Daily million numbers of user seen and also use it..

It is one of the open source project. Anyone can download and use it,

Its one of the license free blogging tool, no need for paying money get license to use it for personal and commercial purposes, its fully free tool.

Where to download WordPress ?

Its having the official website to download the whole package, That website named as wordpress.org .

Download file will be in the form of .rar format you can extract using anyone of the extractor to use it.

About wordpress.org

In this site having the tons of themes, plugins, and also widgets,

All the plugins, themes will be verified by team members, finally they approve the plugin to public uses.

Uses :

  1. Its the best blogging system to share information, what you think.
  2. Its one of the best user-friendly blogging tool in the world.
  3. Its the open source blogging tool, any one can download and use it.
  4. Its official website having the thousands of plugins, themes, and also useful widgets.
  5. All themes are in responsive type, its support both desktop view as well as mobile view.
  6. It can be easily customization to your own.
  7. It will be mainly focus on user experience and web standards

I hope this article will be very useful and energetic for beginners to learn this wonderful topic.

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