How Web Push Notifications works on your website? [updated 2017]

How Web Push Notifications works on your website? [updated 2017]

Nowadays, Web Push Notifications is one of the most popular strategies to alert (or) intimate the notifications from your website visitors and also send the notifications on its working browser, Its help to improve the website views and more sales on your product. It can also work with e-commerce websites. Are you Ready to Know More about How Web Push Notifications works on your website?… then Keepon reading, this Article for yours only.

What is Web Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are the clickable messages that come from a website. It mainly used to alert you on your desktop (or) Laptop (or) Mobile device even when the website is not open on your browser. The main important use of the push notifications is the to delivery the content as fast as possible. It will really help to re-engage your visitors without knowing their email or other contact details.

Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications Life History:

  • June 2009 -> Apple launches the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs). This is the first started life of push service.
  • April 2015 -> Afterwards Chrome introduces the service workers and it will support the Web Push API with the version of Chrome 42.
  • December 2015 -> Within 9 months, Chrome introduces the new updates on its push service, that is Custom Notification with the version of Chrome 48
  • January 2016 -> Firefox will join this push service, It will introduce the web push support with the Firefox 44 for desktop only.
  • May 2016 -> In this year may 2016, Microsoft edge will release the support service workers
  • August 2016 -> After the First introduce of Firefox 44, Firefox will expand the web push API support for both mobile and desktop on the version of Firefox 48
  • February 2017 -> In this new year February, Chrome will introduce the Rich Notifications on its Chrome 56 Version, Chrome is one of the best options for web push notifications.
  • April 2017 -> Within one month, Chrom update on to Native Chrome Desktop Push Notifications services in Mac OS with the version support of Chrome 59.

Which browsers support web push notifications?

Nowadays, web push notifications work on only Chrome browser, Firefox on Android Operating System(OS), Windows, OS X, Linux and Safari on OS X.

All of the Chromium-based browsers will also support the web push notifications. None of the browsers support web push notifications on iOS.

When comes to Desktop(PC) or the Large screen Laptop or Windows PC, web push notifications are supported by Chrome, Firefox and Safari across Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu.

Where do these notifications appear on desktop and mobile?

Web push notifications are mainly used to deliver even when the user is not available on the website.

  • On Desktop Systems, these push notifications are delivered to the browser, at the right next to the taskbar.
  • On Mac System, these push notifications are delivered directly to the Mac OS Notification Center.
  • On Windows Operating System, these push notifications are displayed above the taskbar.
  • On Linux Operating System, these push notifications are displayed on the top right side corner of the browser window.
  • On Android Operating System, these push notifications are displayed in the notification tray.

Difference Between web push notifications and App Push Notifications?

Web push notifications will only work with the browser based on the website. It will send the notification once you allow the permissions show at the top right side corner.

If we accept to give them permission to get notifications, then the website will take of it to send the notifications respectively. These notifications will show based on the browser type.

Check the previous content, I detailed explained the which browser gets the notifications and its location to shows the alerts on your browser.

App push notifications will work based on the app notifications on the system tray, it will consist of larger images, icons as well as target link based on choosing the 3rd party push notification services.

Why web push notifications used for your website?

If you are running an e-commerce website or doing any business online, these notifications are the backbone of your earnings and growth to sales of the product to reach more customers very easily.

Nowadays, Blog running website persons also using this notifications options to engage the visitors to redirect to sales its products such as ebook, course and much more…

Also sending every update while the post on its blog, it will help to increase the visitors on its blog, More visitors means automatically your earnings also increased by 100%. And it helps to improve the website authority and improve the ranking of your website. Check this link for better understanding notifications and how to implement it on your website.

Very Important NOTE:

> These notifications will be works only on SSL sites (https). Check this article to learn more about Why your website needs an SSL certificate.

> It will not support on HTTP websites.

Notifications will be not be delivered on the desktop if the browser is not running on it.

> There is no rich media support option on browsers, it will supports only large images (360 x 240) only. and also it’s working only the chrome version of 56 and above.

App push notifications support the images, videos, gifs and much more…

In chrome desktop, there is no option for notification tray to shows the alert information.

> The one of the best performance of notifications is to contain the catch titles, short description and the quality image ( easily attract the visitors to click or engage it) 

I hope this article will be surely helpful for you to understand the concept behind the notifications on the website, it will help to improve your site performance and get more valuable customers to your website as lifelong.

Sharing the article is very helpful to all. Share the wonderful knowledge to all joined social networks. Next article I would explain about how to implement this notifications options on your website, Now I am doing research on it, I will surely publish the wonderful articles as soon, stay tuned to get more knowledge with us.  

How Web Push Notifications works on your website? [updated 2017]
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