Uber Passenger Rating- Ways to Improve It

Uber Passenger Rating- Ways to Improve It

It is common that, after every Uber ride the passengers will rate the Uber driver by giving any one of the five stars, depending upon the ride. It is a kind of compliment, describing the ride was good or bad. Now Uber has introduced the passenger rating. The drivers can rate the passengers depending upon how they cooperate for the ride to be smooth and successful.

Even if you had used the Uber for the single time, you will have your passenger rating. If the passenger requests for Uber, the request will be sent to the closest driver, if he rejects the request, then the request will go to another closest driver, this process goes on till the driver accepts the request, sometimes rejection of the passenger request also happens.


The driver rejects the request because of the low passenger ratings in the previous trips. So, having good passenger ratings will be useful to the passenger to have the trips in the future. The passengers may not know their Uber passenger ratings, to check the passenger ratings, follow the below steps.

  • Open the Uber app, and then select the menu button, which is in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Then select help, it will direct you to another screen.
  • In which select accounts. In the account tab you can many options; select I’d like to know my rating.
  • A screen will appear, that will tell about why the rating is important. Tap on the submit button.

Now, it will display your passenger rating.

If the passenger has behaved well with the driver, he need not worry about the passenger ratings. Having the passenger rating of 4.5 and above is very safe for the passenger.

For the passengers with poor passenger rating, here are some ways to boost your Uber passenger ratings.

  1. Be ready at the pickup location on time.

It will be annoying for the drivers, if the passengers don’t arrive at the pickup location on time. The passenger will get an alert that the driver is arriving, and they know that driver will arrive within some time. But the passengers will not be there at the pickup location, the driver has to wait for some time, the waiting may take 30 minutes or even more.

The driver will not get his pay until the passenger gets in the car. The passenger can arrive at the pickup location before the driver arrives. The passengers should consider the driver’s situation also.

For example, consider the driver has waited for 10 minutes and it took him ten minutes to reach to the pickup location, so altogether, he didn’t earn anything for the 20 minutes, this may be the main issue for the driver to lose his patience. And this may affect your passenger rating as well.

In order to avoid this, if the passenger has already known that they cannot arrive at the pickup location on time, they can text the driver about the delay, so that the driver can have a good opinion on the passenger. For UberX in Dallas, it costs $0.10 per minute, in Austin the rate is $0.18 per minute, the highest UberX rate will be $0.40 per minute in NYC.

  1. Don’t act drunk

Some of the low rated drivers will be the drunkest ones. In Uber, when the rider has drunk too much then it cannot ride for them. So, what can the drunken rider do?

The passengers who cat call the strangers, raising the volume of the radio in the car, singing loudly with their companions, and those who take more people in the car, which crosses the car limit, all of these issues can cause a low passenger rating, and complaints from more than one driver can even cause banning of the particular passenger.

The drunken riders who have a reversal of fortune in the driver’s car, then Uber will charge that passenger a cleaning fee of $200, or even more is the damage is severe. The passenger will not be banned for the first time, if it continues for more times the passenger will be banned by Uber. Even for the first time the passenger will have the poor passenger rating. So it is better to avoid drinking while having the Uber ride.

  1. Treat the driver like your friend

The driver will be a complete stranger for you, and you have to pay the driver at the end of the ride. Though he may not be your friend, have a pleasant and friendly conversation with your driver, so that you will have good passenger rating.

When you have a ride with your friend, you will not tell him to violate the traffic rules because you consider safety is important, so you should not insist the driver to break the rules.

You will greet your friend if they pick up or drop you, so if you follow the same with the driver, definitely the driver will be impressed by you. And it also makes the drivers feel comfortable with you; they will also have the peaceful ride with you. The passenger will have the best rates as the outcome of this.

Human kindness is a code of conduct under Uber’s requirement, so that both the driver and the customer will have the pleasant ride.

  1. Be careful about the small things

The passenger may think that he is a five star rider, but he would have got 4.8 stars out of five, the reason lies within the small things, one should be keen on the very little thing to have the best rates, because the rating will describe about who you are in the future if you request a ride again. So improve on the following things to have a five star rating.

  • Enter your destination, while requesting for the ride in Uber.
  • Try to avoid very short distance.
  • Closing or opening the door with force while getting in or out of the car.
  • Often giving directions to the drivers, try to avoid it because the drivers know the directions already.
  • Causing the unpleasant smell by consuming alcohol, tobacco and food.

And take a look at your shoes before you get into the car, because once, the passengers entered the car with the muddy shoes, and they ended up paying fines for the cleaning charges for the car, as they have made it dirty.

  1. Tipping helps to boost your ratings

Usually, Uber does not allow tipping directly through the app; because Uber’s official policy is, there is no need to tip the driver. Many Uber drivers do not make money after waiting for long hours, because many passengers will not give tip to the drivers. For this reason many Uber drivers are the inactive drivers.

If the passenger gives some amount of dollars as tips to the drivers, they drivers will be impressed by the particular passenger, and they will rate the passenger with the good points.

In some areas, the drivers were saying that, five for five, which means, if the passenger gives $5 as tips to the drivers, the drivers will rate them with five points. This method is followed in only some places, not globally.


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