Top Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017

Top Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017

The more we become contingent to phones, precisely Smartphone’s, the trend of mobile marketing becomes important and critical for modern brand. The quicker you get the grasp on mobile marketing, the better you have it for your business. With time, few trends have become obvious and approaching towards development of business. So, if you tend to ignore, it might damage your business greatly. So, here is the list of trends that you might see approaching in 2017.

Mobile Marketing Trends 2017

Mobile Apps you find in Google Search: With Google widening its domain by including mobile apps as the part of search result, the need for mobile friendly web has become a must. People now tend to see ads more on their mobile screen. These come with Meta information as well like the price part and the rating. So, if you are thinking of building any app, this is probably the right time for you to build it; the mobile market it sure you experience an upsurge in the coming days. This trend is sure to ignite the SEO bit and your business as a whole. As per recent data, mobile apps contribute to a huge part of the mobile usage. So, the more you have it, the better your visibility would be.

Instagram Ads: With time, Instagram has come out of just being a mobile-only app and has come up as an ad portal as well. With increased user base, Instagram is at its peak now. Hence, many big brands are coming aboard with them. So, you can consider this mobile app as one of most sort-after ad portal for your brand. With increased user base, Instagram is sure to rock in the coming days while giving your brand the required attention.

WhatsApp & Snapchat: Are you aware of the fact that when it comes to ad, even Face book and Twitter has been lagging behind in comparison to WhatsApp and Snapchat? Well, this is true. Businesses now prefer mobile apps for their promotion than the portals. With growing popularity of these two chat apps, it is obvious to get more visibility for your business than via web portals. So budget for these apps in the coming days and invest in them for your ads.

Multi-Device Marketing: Think beyond Smartphone before planning your ad campaign. There are smart watches and tablets to be precise. Further to this, there are different gaming platforms and smart TVs. Hence, adapt with the recent trend ad make your campaign as flexible as possible. This would ensure a 360-degree visibility for your brand.

Video Ads: Although controversial, but, video ads are sure to be the future. With people spending almost 20% of their daily time on mobile and watching videos, it is sure to give you more visibility. YouTube and others are now mobile friendly and people tend to spend a lot of time on them.

Merger of e-commerce and social media: There is hardly any line between shopping carts and social media. There is now a “Buy Now” button for Face book. Also, you can see portals like Pinterest and Instagram focusing on e-commerce side, there is a visible merger between both.

Advanced Payment Gateway: There is a serious development with payment gateway. You can see with Samsung; they have such a payment process that can be sued anywhere. Big businesses also use services via PayPal. There are numerous mobile wallets. Hence, these could also be your area for displaying your brand.

Customized Apps: Think of apps like Fit Bit, they are more of a lifestyle app than just another app. These apps help in improving the living style; you can manage your financial round, work out and take help for other daily chores as well. So, for blooming businesses, this could be the right place to display your services.

Therefore, with these many trends coming up for business via mobile marketing, you are sure to get the best of world, the web as well as the mobile. All you need is proper planning and hitting the right chord.

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