Top 4 Mobile Security Android Apps

Top 4 Mobile Security Android Apps

For the last couple of years, antivirus apps have been one of the most popular types of applications on the Android platform. And while it’s true that some people simply like having additional security, why does a large majority of people download these apps anyway?

Well, the answer isn’t that exciting or surprising. The matter of the fact is there are literally millions of different malicious programs on the Internet today. And if you want to be at least somewhat protected while browsing online, you have to start using a protective app.

Where Does the Malware Come From?

Simply because it most people use it on a daily basis, the Play Store is the biggest target for hackers and scammers.  When you look at the sheer volume of app downloads and uploads every day, in addition to the lack of a clear policy, it’s easy to realize why just so many cyber criminals target the Play Store.

According to data gathered by, a vast majority of malicious programs in the Play Store consists of RiskTools (44%), AdWare (19%) and Trojans (12%). However, there are plenty of other malware delivery mechanisms out there – malicious email attachments, phishing scams and hacks on popular applications are just some them. Security Steps of Antivirus App in an Android Phone

Top Four Mobile Security Android Apps

1.      NordVPN

Now, before we even mention any traditional, antivirus apps, we should say a few words about Virtual Private Networks and how much they matter to your online security. You see, every time you connect to public network, you run the risk of losing all of your data to cybercriminals, or accidentally downloading malware, ransomware and/or spyware.


A VPN will enable you to safely browse online with your smartphone or tablet, by encrypting all of your incoming and outgoing data and keeping you safe from various cybercriminals. And NordVPN is probably the best VPN for your Android device. The service has a good number of servers, a solid network and some great additional features such as P2P servers and double encryption.

2.      AndroHelm Mobile Security

This is definitely the least-known app on our list, but it doesn’t mean that it will not provide a ton of benefits once you start using it. AndroHelm Mobile Security’s functionality is mainly focused on security of your device, with features such as anti-malware, anti-spyware and real-time protection. The software also scans every application as soon as you install it, which prevents any infection instantly.  20 Android Mobile Apps, To Make Your 2017 Even Smarter


What’s more, if the virus database updates regularly, which ensures that you’re protected from the latest malicious software at all times. One more thing we have to highlight is the feature that allows users to remotely block and delete every single piece of data from their device. And while the design is a bit complicated, the functionality is great, and the app works pretty well on any device.


3.      Antivirus and Mobile Security by TrustGo

This is the only app we know that comes with a proper philosophy. Right from the start, the developers started building an app for mobile protection from the ground up.  TrustGo, of course has all of the basic smartphone protection features like scanning for pre-installed threats, real-time protection and a firewall, just to name a few.


However, every user also has the privacy guard feature that helps you see what apps you installed are using which permissions. Moreover, you also have modern features like a system manager, data backup in case everything gets deleted and a find-my-device function. The app might not be feature-heavy as some of its pricey competitors, but it doesn’t mean it’s a lightweight, and it’s also completely free.

4.      AVAST Mobile Security

This mobile security bundle comes to us from Avast, a name that most of you’ll surely recognize from the PC antivirus market. And just like its more famous PC counterpart, Avast on Mobile is also a well-trusted application with more than 100 million installs and four million reviews in the Play Store. And the app still holds a respectable 4.5 overall user-rating.


The features include everything from device and app scanning to real-time protection and anti-theft. You also have the ability to remotely lock your smartphone, in case it gets lost or stolen. And while it comes with a metric ton of features, we have to point out that the app is quite heavy, and that it requires a lot of your phone’s resources to run properly. How to Stop Android App Auto Update on Google Play Store

Final Thoughts

Hackers, identity thieves and other cybercriminals will always try to exploit Internet users, but the biggest questions is, can Trojans, AdWare and Malware all be avoided with sensible use of your phone? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need any security software.

While you might be able to avoid all of that malicious software by being careful while browsing the Internet and downloading from well-known sources, why risk it? The truth is, it’s better to download a free antivirus and run scans from time to time, than risk having your device completely infected. By Thomas Milva

Thomas has been an accomplished Information Security Analyst for a few years now and a digital writer at Thomas is 28, lives in Baton Rouge, hates being called Thomas, and prefers Tom at any time.

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