Text Game to Play with Your Girlfriend

Text Game to Play with Your Girlfriend

Use you smart phone to entertain yourself when you getting bored without wasting time on cool apps. In era of technology people find it difficult to get some spare time for their friends. Even you are not allowed to talk with your friends in the office.  Texting games is great way to communicate with your friends.  You can use texting games to stay in touch with your wife, girlfriend or friends.  Try some of the best mention below games.

Where am I?

This seems to be very childish game, but it’s really interesting game when you feel bored. Give him the hint about the place where you are so that he could guess where you are. If they know your routine then you must tell them a little complicated clue about the place. To make this game more excited tell him the first and last letter of the place. This texting game will give you mental rest after in busy work schedule.

Guess the song

This is game is played between the friends of same taste and make sure your friend has no access to internet. Guess the song is a great idea for all of you.  Sent your friend few line of your favorite song. He/ She has to answer it in 3 minute if he fails to answer you will get the point for it.  By playing this you will have a lot of fun together.

Kiss, Marry, Kill

Another interesting game to be played over the text is “Kiss, Marry, Kill” this game is usually played between 2 -3 person without any need of smart phone. The rules are quite simple to follow. Sent your friend a list of people and ask him who they want to kiss, who they like to marry and who they want to kill. Give him two chance to think of before texting you.

What would you do if…?


Call it whatever you want stupid or childish act. This texting game is a funny way to know better about your friend this is good to play when your relationship just started.  Ask her what you will do If  you are the President of United States? Find out the funniest answer from your girlfriend.

Guess the abbreviation

This game will test you intelligence I have played it hundred times with my partner and friends as well. Once she wrote “IWTDPLT”. I thought she’s is drunk but soon I start loving this fun game. I spent whole break time on guessing what she wrote but I failed. It was interesting “I want to do party late night”. Most of times we use abbreviate what we are doing when I’m in office you can do the same with your friends.

These are some of the best text game to play with your girlfriend this will help to strengthen relationship and please you when you feel bored or depressed try all these games.


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