A successful path from an essay writer to a popular blogger

A successful path from an essay writer to a popular blogger

Transitioning from an essay writer on USessaywriters.com to blogger can be a difficult task for many. Like you, there are plenty essay writers who also wish to make this transition. There are plenty of things you can do to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Ultimately, the skills needed to succeed in essay writing and blogging vary.

This is not to discourage you because blogging can be very rewarding. In this article, you will learn tips on how to transition from an essay writer to blogger.

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Before you begin blogging, it is useful to see some examples of other writers who have made the jump from essay writing to blogging. There are many online bloggers that have gone from essay writing to amassing a large readership on their blog.

In the following examples, some bloggers may have been into essay writing from college or were in the professional essay writing industry, helping out other students. The examples are of bloggers from various niches to show you that it is possible to transfer your essay writing skills across a variety of different topics.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk: Gary is a wine blogger. He has gone from owning a $3 million wine store to building a successful online business worth $60 million. He was also a college essay writer before his career kicked off.
  • SEOmoz: This is a blog run by Rand Fishkin. He blogs about SEO content and his business is worth millions. He also dabbled in college essay writing before dropping out of college.
  • Migrationology: This is a blog operated by Mark Wiens. He is a travel blogger. He was a teacher before taking up blogging full time, so he has quite a lot of experience being an essay writer.
  • Ezassignmenthelp.com: This site has a blog operated by students and alumni. They have fresh news and tips from an education field and share the most important with their readers.

One of the best ways to transition into blogging is by consulting an essay writing service.

They will provide you with the detailed analysis of what niche you should specialize in and what the online audience wants to read. If you want to save yourself some of the initial legwork, then making use of an essay writing service is the best way to give yourself a head start.

Hints And Tips

There are many nuances of blog writing that you need to take into account. As previously mentioned, blogging varies greatly compared to essay writing. The following are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Niche: Find your niche. A niche is a topic you want to blog about. Some people write about general topics, however, unless you’re the next Shakespeare, you will have a hard time building a following if you just blog about general topics.
  • Writing Style. A big shock to many essay writers-turned-bloggers is the different writing style required for blogging. You need to take up a more informal and conversational tone. It is very much the opposite of essay writing!
  • Research. Research is vital before you begin. Luckily for you, since you are an essay writer, this should be a strong point of yours. In your research, you need to see if there is a demand for blogs in the niche you want to write in.
  • Successful Formulas. It is a very good idea to see how other bloggers in your niche are doing. Do not copy them, but take a note of their content and it correlates with their success. Try to emulate the bloggers with the biggest following.
  • Social Media. When blogging, you need a social media presence. This is something that is not important as an essay writer, but vital as a blogger.

It can be quite tough at the beginning, but with enough research and time, you can transition into a popular blogger from your humble beginnings as an essay writer. Ensure to consult a writing service if you want the best start possible.


Robert Mora is a writer and researcher at Ezassignmenthelp who has a degree in corporate law. He is keen on writing and exploring new topics. Hence, Robert decided to launch a blog while traveling to combine his enthusiasm and passion.

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