HTML Tutorial: What is the Structure of HTML webpage?

HTML Tutorial: What is the Structure of HTML webpage?

In this tutorial, I would like to detailed explanation about What is the Structure of HTML webpage?. I got the wonderful response from the previous lesson 1 to know about What are the softwares needed to create simple HTML webpage? In today I started the lesson 2. Are you ready to learn the today lesson? … Keep stay on this article and continue to read more.

Structure of HTML webpage?

Every programming languages consist of some set of structure or algorithm to wrote the programming as very effective. all of them inbuilt and create by the respective software developers.

When comes to HTML Programming its also having some set of basic structure to create an awesome web page on your website.

If you miss the introduction part of the HTML, Check this HTML Tutorial for Beginners Introduction

Structure of HTML Web Page Diagram:

structure of html webpageExplanation HTML Web page Structure:

  1. <!DOCTYPE HTML> ==> It will describes the doucmentation type. its also called as the DOCTYPE Declaration.
  2. <html> </html> ==> This element is called as the root element, becauseof it will contains all the elements within the document. Starts with <html>tag and ends with </html>
  3. <head> </head> ==> In this header section contains the title, stylesheet, javascript and some others meta informations. its also starts with <head> and ends with the </head>
  4. <meta charset=”utf-8″> ==> It will indicates the character encoding set of the webpage content.
  5. <title> </title> ==> It will describes the title of your webpage on the web broswers. It will starts at the <title> and ends with the </title>.
  6. <body> </body> ==> Body is the main part of the webpage, it will contains all the informations to shows or display on the web browser results.

Now you understood the structure of the webpage on this article. In the next Lesson(3), I would like to explain about the Basic tags of HTML Web Page. Stay tuned to Join Our HTML Tutorial Section. We will meet you in next lesson.

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