Top 5 SEO Strategies to improve seo ranking on google

Top 5 SEO Strategies to improve seo ranking on google

It would be in business owners’ best interest to take the time to understand the complexities of search engine optimization. After all, using the current digital marketing tactics will help them to boost their company’s bottom line.

What are some SEO services you should be using for your company’s website to increase your bottom line?

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Develop Unique Material

How many times have you heard that you need to create superior-quality, unique material for your website? Probably more times than you care to admit. Well, that’s because you need to. If you copy and paste another person’s material, it’s both immoral and can hurt your rankings in the search engines. You also shouldn’t duplicate your own stuff.

If the same material is used in multiple places, your website won’t rank high up in the search engines.

Use Detailed Keywords

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When it comes to content, you want keywords that people are searching for and will help them to find your website. What kinds of words are they typing in to find your product/service or company? Small business owners tend to go with keywords that relate to their industry and any of its jargon.

For instance, a personal injury lawyer will use language that relates to the profession such as

● Product liability
● Premises liability
● Personal injury
● Medical malpractice

However, if you use words such as “cancer misdiagnosis lawyer” or lawyer for accident injury,” this provides them with more detailed information.


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The goal is to reach as many people as you can. When you type in generic words, they’re going to find an array of websites that can fit with what they’re looking for. However, if you have a long-tail keyword, you become more specific in what you’re about and can help those users to find just you.

Navigation Optimization

It’s important you spend a little time going over and bettering the navigation and internal links to your website. Many websites create not-so-important pages like contact pages, but it’s more important to focus on other pages that will rank high up in the search engines (home page, product pages, etc.).

If you change the structure of your internal linking and navigation, your site will see a boost in Google’s search engine rankings and help people to find those pages they’re looking for.

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Load Speed Optimization

How quickly your site loads is critical to search engine rankings and how many visitors it gets. The slower it loads, the higher the chance of users leaving the website before it’s done the loading.

A website that takes more than three seconds to load has a higher bounce rate than websites that takes three seconds or less. You may have high-quality content on your website, but if your load speed isn’t optimized effectively, it may never be seen.

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Put Forth Some Effort For Links

The kind of inbound links, as well as the amount of them, to your website, will play a major role in search engine ranking. In the past, SEO and businesses would purchase links on websites to boost the number of inbound links they got. However, this is now known as a “black hat” method and isn’t encouraged. By doing it, Google will penalize your website.

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