SEO Checklist 2017 for New Website

SEO Checklist 2017 for New Website

Whenever we started a brand new website, we commonly find ourselves doing the very same things over and over again. On-page optimization is finest thing for ranking over search engines. Some of people find a checklist, they go through everything on it and say “Oh no! I’m missing one thing – now I can’t rank and bla bla !! That’s not the right way to think about it.

So, here I am sharing some of my personal experience, so if anything i forgot or wrong then you can write in comments below.

SEO Checklist

Make a Understanding Title With Targeted Keyword.

Google is now testing longer meta descriptions – but the standard has been about 160 characters. So, don’t forgot mentioned keyword in meta description.

Use H1 on your home page because normally people are forgot to put <h1> tags on home page. Use tags with flow( H1[only one time], H2, H3,….).

Don’t ever use unnecessary text on your site, Don’t create a new page unless you have 100 words worth of content.

You can use synonym words also in content. Rewrite content with some of changes if you have less time.

Must use ALT tags in images. Do not forget. Search engines can see images by reading the ALT tag and looking at file names, among other factors. Try to be descriptive when you name your images. (Change your file name in properties).

Use internal linking in your website because it’s beneficial for both, user and search engine. Don’t try to linking in navigation bar because it can look like over-optimization(as per i think).

Utilize 301 redirects, canonical tags or use Google Webmaster Tools to fix any duplicate content that might be indexing and penalizing your site.

Use absolute URLs for your page & code. Some CMS platforms give you the option for that.

Make sure about website loading time because average loading speed is 5 seconds. It cause less bounce rate and chances for more conversions. You can use “Google Page Speed Tool” for checking site speed.

Make a responsive website.(must required)

Make a sitemap.xml file for proper indexing over search engine. You can use or the Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin.

Create robots.txt file for your website.

What Is SEO ? A Beginner Guide

Things to Do After Your Website is Ready

Install Google Analytics & Google Search Console(Webmaster Tool). If you using WordPress then you can use plugins for that.

Yoast is best plugin for WordPress Users as per SEO priorities.

Make sure about 404 / 500 errors, duplicate content, missing titles and other technical errors that Google has found. You can use Browseo tool for find technical errors in your website.

Screaming Frog is also good for broken links, errors and crawl problems.

One more Things: Build Links

Use proper keywords as per your website category. Use tools like KWFinder, and SEMRush. Pick 1 keyword per page, and you’ll generally want to start with lower-volume keywords first.

Claim your business on highly recommended websites like,

Create more backinks in authority website with natural anchor text.

If you can’t understand anything then you can contact SEO Expert for guidelines or services. They will  help you in ranking, business, traffic and opportunities.

Hope you would like it.

Keep sharing!!!!!!

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