Portable Power Banks: 3 Things to Think Before Buying

Portable Power Banks: 3 Things to Think Before Buying

Lately, for practically most of the mobile phone owners, battery pack seems to have turn out to be one of the necessary and handy accessories. This situation occurred as a clear consequence of the availability of quite short battery lives in majorly all of the preferred smartphones. Which made even having the mundane daily tasks accomplished utilizing your own phone with it’s one complete charge in a daytime an impossibility. However before choosing any portable battery pack, a person needs to comply with several important points. Failing to stick to a number of the very critical factors may steer a person result in having low rated portable charger.

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Therefore, let us see these features just one after the other in some details:

  1. Potential capacity of the portable powerbank:

Total capacity of the portable powerbank is generally looked on as the prime indicating factor of a portable charger. 2200 mAh or be it 10000 mAh, you may have found portable chargers being named in this manner.  The highest volume of electrical power which can be contained within a portable battery pack is basically pointed out by all these numbers. Now comes the fun part, if one is questioned exactly how many time a certain power bank having total capacity 10000 Mah would fully charge a smartphone containing battery power of 2000 MAH, a person would possibly answer five times. Because that is what it supposed to be.  But all of us are generally failing to remember to reckon about the energy transformation waste which is certainly applicable here too because of which a complete transformation could hardly be obtained.

Thus as it was shown, a portable battery pack with 10000 mAh potential would certainly by no means have the ability to fully charge four times a mobile having 2500 MAH cell. The typical average energy conversion capability turns out approximately about 75% for almost all of the battery packs. Thus, while deciding upon a battery pack the anticipations about its real potential capacity to charge up should be determined correctly.

Furthermore, best powerbanks are considered as ideal according to their total capacity. For instance, a 10000 MAH battery pack is considered as far better in comparison with one 2200 mAh battery pack.  But the price and heaviness of the power bank is additionally increased side by side together with its total capacity. So, you should really always keep this aspect under consideration whilst zeroing on a huge battery pack.

  1. Brands of battery pack:

If it comes to the power banks, adhering with a well-known brand is always wisely advisable.  This particular tips comes in association to the existing on line scenario, in which several unknown manufacturers got appeared out of virtually nowhere and began offering battery packs over major, even trusted e-commerce sites.  The down part is, if these types of vendors happened to sell functioning & safe powerbanks, in that case this caution might have been eliminated completely. But unfortunately that is never the case. So, stick to a popular brand like Anker, Xiaomi, Ramoss, Adata, PNY, Ambrane, Esyacc, TP-Link etc.

  1. No. Output Ports:

A lot of the power banks these days eventually feature with some option for several output ports. Now what exactly this does is, it offers you one possibility to power up several smartphones or tablets at the same time, simultaneously without affecting each-others charging.  But this specific choice is normally not offered in the majority of small capacity powerbanks. For assumingly fathomable reason that, smaller capacity portable chargers are not having enough power juice within them to serve multiple devices simultaneously. But again, anyone would get this specific attribute considerably beneficial if he has got a smartphone and some tab pc to charge at the same time.


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Additionally, apart from the number of the USB ports, there have been the ratings, which are associated with the USB ports, which are important. Because, the higher the rating of the output ports of a portable charger, the better it is in terms of charging time. So, if you are looking for a fast charging power bank, then you must be looking for a battery pack with higher (preferably 2.1 A at 5V) rated external charger.

Concluding at this juncture after mentioning these aspects, thinking that holding all these crucial points in mind, selecting some proper portable powerbank could in no way appear as some problem again in future. Further, here is the list rather checklist for what all has been discussed so far in the form of an infographic:

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