Lightning Alert Systems: How They Can Protect Schools and Communities

Lightning Alert Systems: How They Can Protect Schools and Communities

It is estimated that 24,000 people around the world are struck by lightning every year. While most people who are struck by lightning actually survive, injuries sustained from the strikes can be wide-ranging and severe. The only sure way to avoid being struck by lightning is to be safely inside a lightning-proof structure during a storm. At schools, sports fields and community pools where a lot of children may gather outside and be unwilling to go in immediately when it starts to rain. A lightning software system that provides early warnings when storms are in the area can be an immense help in ensuring the safety of everyone in your school and community.

How a Lightning Alert System Works

There are two basic types of lightning alert systems. The first uses lightning software to track storms and lightning strikes in the area. It alerts you when a lightning storm is headed your way. The main advantage of this system is its relative accuracy, while the main drawback is the relatively brief time people have to get indoor after the alert is sounded.

The second type of lightning alert system measures atmospheric conditions for ones that are likely to produce lightning. This type of warning system is less accurate, but can warn you further in advance whether a lightning storm is imminent.

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Who Can Use a Lightning Alert System

Any facility with employees or guests who regularly gather outdoors can make use of a lightning alert system. These systems are especially useful in schools and other places where children congregate, because young kids are less likely to come in when it begins to rain. Other facilities that can benefit from lightning alert systems include gold courses, swimming pools, and public parks.

Protect the people in your community by giving them ample warning to get indoors when lightning threatens. Collecting lightning data is the first step towards establishing an early warning system. Contact us for more information.

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