Latest iPhone News [updated]

Latest iPhone News [updated]

Apple Inc is the company that designed the series of Smartphone’s named as iPhone. It uses the operating system of Apple’s IO’s.

The effort of the company to being a part of Smartphone companies list started with the release of iPhone in June 2007, the company developed the structure of iPhone and it’s most recently launched is iPhone7. Some of the qualities of iPhone news that I want to share are described below.


  • The interface of a user is constructed with the screen-touch, as well as a virtual keyboard.
  • It has a WI-FI and can connect any cellular network
  • After iPhone 3Gs, more features get added to the list, for instance, video shooting, music, photos, browsing, sending and receiving text messages, mathematical calculations, GPS navigation, record notes, as well as the users can receive visual voicemail.
  • Other functions of the series of device include; video games, social networking, reference work and much more.
  • One can enable these features by downloading them from mobile apps.
  • The Apple’s App store contains even more than 2 million of applications that are available for iPhone series.


The company has released ten generations of iPhone model from 2007 till present; every model has the enabling of IOs operating system. The 1st generation was a GSM device and which was treated as an established design model, due to the placement of buttons that is preserved by means of each release as well as the screen size that is maintained for the next four iterations.

Metal chassis, improved the hardware of the mobile and was supported by a 3G network, after 4 iterations, it was the first that was having a 3G network with great resolution and selfie camera, the 4S was later introduced with much better hardware and voice assistance.

Taller featured with the 4-inch display and the newly introduced Lightning connector was introduced in iPhone 5. 5S enabled the feature of the fingerprint reader, and 5C with colored plastic casings instead of metal.


The features were same for iPhone6 with a little modification; the display of the screen, this time was 4.7 to 5.5. Pressure-sensitive-touch inputs were added in iPhone6 by means of the upgrading the hardware and the company named it as iPhone6S.

Then the company kept its working on 6S and introduced SE, which was having the same features of 6S but the factors were smaller than 5S. In the year of 2016 the company did much advancement on the features of the model and exposed the iPhone7 and 7+, the features of both was; they were water resistant, advanced system and graphics presentation, plus model was having a setup of rare dual camera, as well as color alternative options, as well as eradicated the 3.55mm headphone jack that was a part of all the previous phones.

Upgrade Program for iPhone

The upgrading period of the devices of the company is consisting of 24 months or 2 years for their customers, after this time period the customers get the new and fascinating iPhone, with an advantage of low monthly payments.


Before iPhone, all the mobile companies focused on the fashion and brand name rather than introducing or innovating any new technology in their devices. The success of iPhone has led many companies to decline its technology sharing deals.


The hardware of the models of iPhone consist the following features.

Screen and input

  • A touch screen of 9cm (till first 5 generations), that has a liquid crystal display and scratch resistant glass.
  • The design of touch screen was the capacitive touchscreen for bare fingers and multi-touch sensing for multiple fingers.
  • Enhancement in the resolution
  • Twisted-nematic changed to in-plane LCDs.
  • Screen result with an aspect ratio of approximately 16:9
  • Touch gestures are based on finger work
  • It has a minimal hardware interface by means of only 5 buttons.
  • WI-FI network
  • GPS hardware


The sensors used in iPhone devices are;

  • Proximity Sensor: For display and touchscreen
  • Magnetometer: This sensor is used after 3G enabling, it is used to measure the strength of magnetic field and as well as the direction of magnetic field.
  • Ambient light sensor: Adjusts the brightness for saving the battery.
  • Accelerometer: it is used to sense the orientation and axis change from portrait to landscape or vice versa.
  • Gyroscopic Sensor: it is used to enhance the perception of movement
  • Radio: It’s a chip inserted in the devices for catching the radio signals.
  • Fingerprint sensor: Touch ID and fingerprint sensing were introduced from 5S.

Audio and output

Audio and output contains the following

  • Additional microphone
  • Noise cancellation
  • 5mm TRRS connector
  • Auxiliary jack
  • Bluetooth
  • Lightning port
  • Multipurpose buttoned headset
  • HSP profile
  • OBEX file transfer protocol
  • VGA and HDMI output
  • Voice recording that requires the update software


  • The internal rechargeable battery of lithium-ion.


  • High definition camera
  • High dynamic range photography
  • Telephoto lens
  • Optical image stabilization


The software used by the company is known as operating system or IOs.

There are many and many features on the mobile devices of iPhone but these would be enough for suggesting you the reason for the popularity of the brand. They use to discover and enhance the feature of their mobile devices by means of technology and that is the core of the success of the company.

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