Why Laravel Framework For Your Next Web Application!

Why Laravel Framework For Your Next Web Application!

There are several reasons that encourage PHP developers to choose Laravel framework for their projects. Here we make you aware of various reasons to choose Laravel PHP web application development for your next web application project.

Introduction –

PHP is the most famous script language that web developers rely on all around the world. For being flexible, easy to use, higher safety features and versatility of this platform, it has become the most preferred language on the web.

Though PHP coding is something that becomes monotonous and usually repetitive and here comes the role of PHP frameworks which are designed to smoothen up the web development process for various web-based applications which are coded in PHP language by executing a usual architecture. In simple words, PHP frameworks enhance the process of web development by minimizing the repetitive coding that makes the process quite boring and complex for developers.

Laravel framework

When we talk about PHP frameworks, there are numerous options come as solution namely Yii, Aura, Zend, Symfony, Phalcon, Laravel, CakePHP, and much more. With such a huge framework options for PHP development, one often gets confused over which one is the best or which should be used for delivering the best web application.

Here, most of the beginners prefer the one that is easy to use and can be easily understood. In this situation, Laravel framework comes as the best option to go with as it is easy to implement and learn a framework for PHP as compared to other famous PHP frameworks like Symfony and CodeIgniter. Though to get the best use of Laravel web application development, you should definitely have updated PHP knowledge.

This article revolves around the reasons to choose Laravel PHP web application development to make you know the value of this framework in PHP development. Knowing various advantages of Laravel over other frameworks, you would surely love to implement it for your next web application project.

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Laravel PHP Web Application Development –

Laravel is a PHP framework which is relatively new, open source and free platform designed for web experts. This ultimate framework features an expressive syntax and elegant design to make programming simpler for the web programmers. The most useful attributes of this framework include several ways to use utilities for the relational database, a modular system of packaging, and a smart dependency manager.

It is mainly designed for developers and is very easy to learn as it greatly supports fast application development. So, it is definitely an advantageous PHP framework and here are the reasons to choose Laravel PHP web application development for web application projects.

Pioneering Founder –

Made by Taylor Otwell, Laravel framework came into existence in 2012 and from that time, this maker has not left a single stone unsettled to make this framework a dominating PHP framework on the web.

To support Laravel framework, Otwell keeps on introducing new and more creative products which help developers to get the maximum use of this framework. Some exceptional examples of innovative products for supporting Laravel PHP framework are SAAS template for Laravel, Laravel Spark, Lumen which is a micro-framework etc.

Great Documentation Power –

Laravel framework is not just a robust framework for PHP development, but its documentation which is done by Taylor Otwell himself is also great. Using this clean and remarkable documentation, any experience or even a beginner web developer can get a great help in learning various aspects of this framework. The thorough documentation includes every single step that has to be followed for quality web development.

Simple Dependency Injection –

For PHP developers, a dependency injection is a common saying. Moreover, we can say, it is the current matter of discussion among most of the web developers. It is often needed for long-term web development projects which have a greater scope.

Usually, at times when dependency injection is not used, making changes in any class results in the cascade of any other changes for other classes when everything is co-related to each other. Ultimately, it results in countless bugs in development.

So, dependency injection allows the developers to remove the concrete class simply by coding in the contract. It enables one to simply swap out various changes that leave no impact on the code. It mainly focuses on loose coupling concept of classes that makes the code simpler as well as extensible to manage.

Laravel framework is that platform where dependency injection becomes a way easier. This framework follows the objective of loose-coupling for a greatly instinctive way that makes thing more convenient and simpler.

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Large Structure Of Application –

Laravel framework features a large structure for the application which is designed to extract a good beginning point for large as well as small web application development projects. This structure gives the developers a freedom to easily manage the application as they want.

The best thing of this framework is; there will be no restriction on you for class placement as composer usually autoloads it. The structure of the application in Laravel comprises of the App Directory and the Root Directory.

In root directory, you will see several files and folders like app, database, bootstrap, public, config, storage, vendor, test, resources, public etc. However, in app directory, you get several additional directories like Http, Console, and Providers.

In the beginning, this structure looks to be a little difficult to learn; however, after start working on it, you will find it truly simple and easy to learn in your web project.

Configuration & Several Libraries –

Laravel framework equips a big database of various configuration and libraries to assist web developers in building secure and exclusive web applications. A range of web development environments encourages Laravel to familiarize being a perfect platform where a web application is being run. It is only possible because of incorporated libraries authorization into it.

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What Are The Advantages Of Laravel Over Other Frameworks –

  • Laravel is a quick and simple framework
  • It features amazingly easy customization and setup process
  • Hassle-free coding because Laravel maintains all codes of SQL in the independent model files
  • It comes with several pre-equipped packages like Laravel cashier, Laravel eloquent, Laravel elixir, Laravel Socialite etc. that make the process of web development truly simpler and save the time of web application owner as well as the developer.
  • The pre-enabled Laravels tools help to secure from XSS and injection attacks that mean time-saving of developers from difficult coding for website security.

Wrap Up –

Laravel framework is still not mature, but the simplicity makes it highly popular PHP framework of the time. Using Laracasts that is Laravel videos, developers can find a great help in learning this framework. The functionality, simplicity, and the beauty of coding make Laravel framework truly secure and quick. So, considering these reasons and advantages, we can confidently recommend Laravel for your next web application development.

About the author – This post is submitted by Kerin Miller, an experienced Laravel developer at Stellen Infotech. She has over 4 years of experience in delivering quality development services. If you need to hire a dedicated Laravel developer, then you can contact her company through Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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  • Laravel is the thing of future. I have worked with platforms such as Symfony, Django and CI but laravel’s features just make it the best option. One of the main reasons of Laravel’s success is also its documentation and huge community support which makes the learning curve not very much steep!


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