How To Stop Unwanted Apps Starts On Each Boot ?

How To Stop Unwanted Apps Starts On Each Boot ?

Happy to welcome you all to this new technology post, I hope all of my previous articles will be the great use of yours as well as your friends. Thanks for all your great support, keep support and encourage me, Ok!! Now let’s comes this article, Generally, Most of them like to make his system as more faster than others system.

They mainly focus on the system process, configuration, and processing speed. Some of them told me, I am having the great configuration as well as speed processor but my system will be started very slow, I can’t access it with more speed.

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I will give the correct solution to solve this problem on your system, once you started your system means some of the inbuilt apps will be started automatically, it may cause the system slow and increase the process to take overtime to load.

In this post I would like to share How to stop unwanted apps, starts on each boot, it will increase your booting speeding as well as accessing your system with more speed when compared to olden days system speed.

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Below I will show the simple steps to stop unwanted apps on startup:

Step 1: Go to the start menu, then in the search bar type as “run” without quotes and press enter. Run dialogue box will be opened

Step 2: In this Run dialogue you will type as “msconfig” without quotes. Then press the enter key…


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stop Unwanted Apps

Step 3: You will see the system configuration dialogue box on your system, In this dialogue go to the startup tab and check how much apps are showed, Here choose the unwanted list of apps running to disable. Then click apply and press Ok. Window will be automatically closed.

stop Unwanted Apps

Step 4: Now restart your system, to see the great effect of startup loading speed.


Important Note for doing these steps you must conform, that particular app will not be affected by your system; don’t disable the system apps on startup.


I hope this article will be used for you to improve the speed of your system startup. Most of them already known these options done perfectly on his system, Thanks for reading our technology article, Sharing is Wealth; Kindly share this post to all your social networks, We will meet at new wonderful technology post as soon, keep stay stunned to get latest updates for technology news, tutorials, tips and much more…

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