Cyber Safety for Kids

Cyber Safety for Kids

It is the harassment or causing humiliation to someone through social means which include text messages, social media, instant messaging, emails, online forums and chat rooms. It can be anyone and most of the times he or she is anonymous. Their motive can also be to blackmail the innocent.

The effects of cyberbullying can be disastrous and so awesome apps like theOneSpy can be your helpline to safety. These apps will help you monitor your kid’s social activities and messages. This way you can most perfectly protect your child and be the best parents in this whole wide world.


Major Cyber Safety Tips

  • Keep their Private Life Personal

You should advise your kid and make sure they never share any information online. They must also keep their friend’s information private. Specifics like name, date of birth, age, license number, passport number and contact information should never be shared. Furthermore, they should not take pictures of their specific info’s and post it online.

  • Sharing Password is a no no!

All kids hear me out with a complete alertness that they should never share their passwords, with anyone except their parents.

  • Keep correspondence lines open. Similarly, as with everything in your kid’s life, make inquiries; make discourse. Try not to pry or investigate, however, make discussion with your kid about his/her online life. Make a sharing and open correspondence environment in your home.
  • Be brilliant about what is shared. Remind your tyke that he/she may lament a portion of the photographs or words utilized on the web. He / She ought to dependably mull over what is posted on the web or said in an email.
  • Screen your kids’ on the web and online networking conduct. One way you can do this is by introducing a family wellbeing application like a theOneSpy app on your kid’s Apple or Android gadget to screen your kid’s conduct on informal organizations, including when he/she makes new companions and is labeled in posts, photographs or at areas. Know when improper dialect or sign of tormenting is presented on his/her profile.

What your kid can do if confronted with a cyber bully

  • Try not to react to the cyber bully.

As indicated by, if your kid is being tormented, remind him/her that the domineering jerk needs a response. So advise your kid not to give him what he needs.

  • Hinder the cyber bully.

 Utilize inclinations or protection settings to obstruct the domineering jerk. This won’t dissolve the issue, but rather it decreases the alternatives a harasser has for focusing on a casualty.

  • Request offer assistance.

Remind your youngster that on the off chance that he/she is being tormented, it’s OK to approach a parent for offer assistance. He / She can likewise swing to a school advisor or educator. He / She shouldn’t need to confront cyberbullying alone. An agreeable arrangement can be taken a shot at together.

  • Report manhandle.

Utilize an informal organization’s “manhandle” devices to report tormenting to the interpersonal organization managers. On the off chance that there is a physical risk included, contact the powers.

  • Spare all proof.

Gratefully, cyber bullying is normally recorded or spared some place and can be recovered if fundamental if things escape hand.

  • Try not to strike back:

Don’t sustain the cycle of manhandling by retaliating or turning to an indistinguishable sort of conduct from the cyber bully. says “settling the score with the harasser transforms you into one and fortifies the domineering jerk’s conduct.”

  • Support what’s correct:

Tell your children not to take an interest in a cyberbullying society. They can decline to go along cyberbullying messages and confront cyberbullying among their companions.

We’ve all heard the frightfulness stories about cyber bullying. Gratefully, while cyberbullying is an undeniable risk, taking after these protection measures and activity steps can help any parent and kid cooperate to stop a cyber bully in his tracks, leaving online networking for its appropriate use: as an approach to security, share and reinforce positive connections.

Prevent cyberbullying with the theOneSpy application, accessible on Android gadgets here and iPhone gadgets here.

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