How to Create Android App free for Your Website?

How to Create Android App free for Your Website?

Days of Symbian and Java phones are gone. This is the era of Android Smartphones. You may have seen this that with every passing day more and more people are moving to Android phones, not just because they are tough friendly but because they offer so many features those others phones cannot offer.

In Android phone, you may see so many apps that will help you to do various things such as calling, phone book, chatting apps, etc. Not just the basic apps but every single online company, blog or website is creating android apps to expand their reach to the millions of Android Smartphone users.


Even college students are running their own apps. There was a time when to create an android app it was really necessary that a person should know how to code. But with the advanced technology and thanks to the online sites which helps you to create android app absolutely free.

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Before we see that how you can create an android app for free, let`s see the benefits.

 The benefit of your own Android app for a website or blog:

  • It boosts user experience as Android Smartphone users can see your blog on their phones.
  • It also gives a professional look.
  • It also boosts traffic when more and more people download and use your blog

So you see these are few of the benefits which an Android app brings to your blog or website.

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How to create an android app for free:

Today I will show you how you can create an absolutely free android app using Appgeyser.

  • First, type to open Appgeyser site.
  • On Appgeyser site hit “Create Now”.
  • You will see two options “Other App” and “App for Business”. Another app option is to create an app for website, blog, messenger app, photo editor app, slot app, or machine puzzle app etc. But “App for Business” option allows you to create apps for Business, store, taxi, law firm, restaurant and real estate.
  • Here we will create the app for a blog.
  • So click on “Other App”
  • Click on “Blog” button.


  • Select blog type and enter URL of your blog and click on next
  • On next page give “app name” and click on next
  • On description page enter the description for your android app and click on next
  • On Icon, page choose the icon for your App and click on next
  • Now click on “CREATE” button.
  • Now registration page will open, enter details and click on “SIGN UP”
  • Now your app is ready.
  • You can download your app and even publish it on Google Play or Amazon app store and monetize it.

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Android app is a good way to make the blog a brand. I always recommend you to use android app and extend your reach to Smartphone users.

Comments (5)

  • Interesting… I should create mine someday. 🙂

    • Ya Sure. try it , In feature i will try to give the full source code to create android app for any website or blog

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment Jayce

  • As the smartphone industry is booming so does the demand of android apps. I love to have social media apps and game apps on my smartphone.

    It is a really good idea to create my very own android app which is absolutely free.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for your valuable comment Mr. Gaurav Kumar. In today’s world goes under the mobile technology once we concentrate to target mobile visitors you will easily earn more money as early as possible.

  • App Gyser is the easiest way but the UI of the application is not great. If you need a good application for your blog, the only solution is to get it coded from a coder.


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