Best Weather Widgets for Android

Best Weather Widgets for Android

If you are traveling on a fun-filled vacation with family or a business trip, weather plays an important role in it. If you are planning an outdoor sports activities or a gentle stroll in the park, the first thing that you will pay attention to is the weather.

Weather plays an important role in the landing and takeoff of airplanes. It is also a very important factor that decides the vegetative and agrarian output of a country. One of the earliest and high-quality features of the Android devices was to deliver weather.

At the tie, it was quite awesome to just take your phone out of your pocket and check the latest weather update. This was seen an innovation as it eliminated the hassle of turning on your computer or just waiting for the weather report on the News Channels.

Weather apps have traveled some considerable distance their launch. It is not at all surprising that majority of them today offer widgets for swift reference. Checking the weather may not be on your priority list every day, yet it’s quite attractive to know what the skies look today. In this post, we’ll have a look at the best weather widgets for Androids.


The first name on our list is 1Weather by OneLouder Apps. This weather app has been around for quite some time now. It is one of the most popular and highly rated weather apps on the market today.

The app tender’s standard features like daily and hourly weather forecasts along with other additional information.There are good widgets selections while the application itself is nicely designed and user-friendly.

The added daydream support, DashClock support, and Android Wear support are available in over 25 different languages. This powerful yet sleek widget is free and will otherwise cost you just $0.99 to remove those ads in the middle.


Accuweather by is another great weather widget that is available free of cost in the market. The widget gives you all the information from extended forecasts and hourly forecasts. Other features that this application has are Android Wear support and the MinuteCast feature for checking the precipitation in your area.

Despite all this, the makers have managed to keep the application neat and well designed. Along with it, you get widget support and all this available free of cost.


Eye in the Sky Weather:

Talking of Eye in the Sky Weather by CITC, it is an app that has been going strong on the market. The flat matte design is simply excellent and user-friendly. The application offers most of the basic features like current weather, forecasts, and extended forecasts.

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The widget selection is not bad with the option of customizing them. The Dash lock support is an added plus. On the whole, the app is a bit simple but great if you are looking for quick and easy weather forecasts. The app is free but the extended versions cost around $2.06.


Google Now:

Google Now has been trying different things on Android phones and checking the weather is one of them. The app offers you regular weather updates and weather alerts. The weather is put right on top almost every time when you open Google Now so that you can see it at a glance.

Since the app is not dedicated to weather so you may miss out on certain features like extended forecasts or weather radars. It is a perfect option for those who are already using Google Now and want a quick glance at the weather report. The application is pre-installed on the majority of the Android devices absolutely free of cost.

GO Weather Forecast and Widgets:

GO Weather by GO Launcher EX is an old player, favorite among the Android users. It is ranked among the most triumphant and popular weather applications in the market today. The app is simply unmatched in terms of the features with an entire arsenal of features.


These features include current weather, forecasts, radar, a sleek design, weather widgets, and even things like wind forecasts, lifestyle tips, and more. There are themes and advert blocking available in the paid version.


WeatherBug is a free weather widget application that was one of the first Android applications dedicated entirely to weather. The application is free yet some in-app purchases have made go down the list a little bit this day.

The application offers features like weather forecasts, severe weather alerts, widgets, live weather, and traffic cams etc. The home screen is pretty decent with several weather widgets.

The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel has been one of the most popular applications on weather in the Android market. The biggest credit for this meteoric rise is its name itself, ‘The Weather Channel’. The app has various features like weather forecasts, alerts, current weather and weather radar.

Even small things like wind forecast, pollen along with Weather Channel videos are also available in this app. The app is free of cost and runs fine on the majority of the devices.


 Weather Underground:

Weather Underground is a very effective weather application on the Android platform. It has a slick and vertical style interface that offers a plethora of information that makes you overwhelmed.

The application offers information that includes current weather, forecast, alerts, weather radar, and much more. If you want to get rid of those advertisements, then you will have to take a $1.99 per year subscription which is only optional. The application is otherwise free of cost.


Yahoo Weather:

In the recent times, Yahoo has been trying new things to once again stamp its authority in the market. Well, Yahoo Weather just a step towards this. All essential weather information like weather alerts and weather radars are displayed in an elegant and graphical design.

You can check the weather of around 20 cities at one time and then post your photos on Flickr with the hashtag #projectweather.


YoWindows Weather:

YoWindow Weather by RepkaSoft is relatively new in the market. The application has risen significantly in the market since its launch. The hourly forecast animation lets you scroll and see weather anytime and any place.

It is a good option for people who are looking for something more than Google Now but not as advanced as The Weather Channel.The application is free and otherwise, the cost is reasonable at just $2.98.

So it pretty much sums up the list of Best Weather Widgets for Android. We have tried to mention all the good ones. There are still much more available in the market.

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