3 iPhone Apps that will Rule 2017

3 iPhone Apps that will Rule 2017

Many business persons around the world consider iPhone as an ideal phone. The iPhones allow people to access many different innovative apps that boost productivity at workplaces and keep them safe from threats online. However, with a large number of iPhone apps available in the market, it can be very difficult to find the best tools that can make business life easier. Check out three iPhone apps that will rule 2017.


XNSPY iPhone Monitoring App

This app allows business people to access an employee’s Apple device remotely. It works on various versions of iOS, covering iPads and iPods as well. What makes Xnspy a really good choice is that it works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. There’s no need for the hassle of jailbreaking the target device. Users simply have to subscribe to the appropriate version, depending on the type of device their target person uses. Moreover, it offers users an array of features that enable business owners to protect their businesses from disloyal workers.

Among the monitoring features, XnSpy offers tracking of both, incoming and outgoing email correspondences via Gmail. Since the majority of the businesses rely on Gmail for communications, this feature can be a real help. You can read entire emails and use the “Watchlist Words” feature. This feature alerts users whenever the target person uses specific words in emails. This feature also extends to SMS monitoring. You can read entire threads of conversations using this app and get alerts if targets use specific words. This way, the business people can easily identify disloyal workers who may be spies for the competitors.

With the Xnspy iPhone monitoring app, you can also track the GPS location and history of locations visited by target employees. The app also comes with the “Watchlist Locations” feature, which allows users to receive alerts if the target person enters or leaves specific places. The other word for this is Geofencing. You can see all call logs along with timestamps and receive alerts whenever watchlisted contacts converse with the target person.

Most businesses also rely on apps like WhatsApp for Business and Skype as the means of free communication. With this iPhone app, users can also read entire threads of conversations via such IM chatting apps, including Viber, KIK, and Line. It also has the ability to track a target’s social media activity on Facebook messenger, Instagram, and Tinder. Since the app has remote control features like taking screenshots and turning on the recorder to record ambient surroundings, monitoring “special” employees to gather proof of disloyalty becomes possible without detection. Users can also monitor all photos and videos on the target device.

In extreme cases, using the Xnspy iPhone monitoring app, users can lock the device or wipe off phone data to protect the company’s secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

CamScanner Pro


With this app, business people can transform their iPhone into a portable scanner. It gives users the ability to save documents as images or PDF files so that they can access information on the go. With the scanned documents, users of this app who may be managers or CEOs can organize the files, share them via email, or even store them in the cloud on Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or Box. With this feature, business people can access their data anywhere and at any time. In fact, sharing documents will be very easy.


This app eliminates the need to make multiple copies because the files automatically synchronize with the data on the device. It gives users the ability to extract text from images, fax documents, optimize the quality of scans, collaborate with colleagues via sharing, edit documents, and synchronizes across platforms like the computer, tablets, and other smartphones. With CamScanner, users can manage scanned bills, invoices, business cards, tax roll, memos, letter, etc.

Wolfram Alpha

WolframAlpha is an intelligent software, which is more of a mobile version of a database web site. It can solve almost every query one may have. The app can solve mathematical, finance, linguistic queries, and chemical calculations. Moreover, it can provide systematic solutions to various queries users may ask. In fact, sometimes, the human mind has its limitations with statistical and data analysis problems. Business people can use the app for instant assistance while they work. It also offers solutions to physics, engineering, music, astronomical, life science, and many other subjects.


Instead of offering a list of search results as Google does, Wolfram generates immediate answers. For example, if a user searches for “Intel” the app will display the shares prices, revenue reports, and an exact number of employees. All you have to do is pick out the necessary information you need.

There’s no doubt that 2017 will come with more amazing technological advances. However, competitors will not wait for you. In 2017, your greatest challenge would be to stay ahead in the race to success. With these amazing iPhone apps, you have a better chance to take the lead in the race to success. Start using them now!

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