Find the Best Backup and Disaster Recovery Company for your Necessities

Find the Best Backup and Disaster Recovery Company for your Necessities

World has modernized day by day in the field of It. Everyone has involved in it to find more and more ways to get himself secure and safe. In this whole scenario we can only find the best option in the shape of IAXCESS. It was established in 200 and still we are serving our valued clients. We have our offices in different countries across Middle East and GCC region. IAXCESS is a regional distributor of many IT products in the shape of backup and recovery. IAXCESS provides Cloud and security services and it also provide disaster recovery services as well. We proudly can say we the most well known company in ERP system provider. We have the best members in our team in UAE, which are providing our services all over UAE.

Services and Solutions We Provide To Our Customers

  • Backup and recovery of your important data
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud service provider
  • Service providers
  • Endpoint Security
  • Double Take Cloud

Back and Disaster Recovery

Most of the time we lost our most personal and important data which we do not have any backup due to some kind of mishap. IAXCESS offers their best proposal for those companies who still don’t have any data backup plan. We offer most reliable and affordable services which could be very helpful for you in making your own data backup and disaster recovery solutions. By maintaining your own backup plan, you will completely out of danger of lost your important data. We will also make tough security around your backup through which your data will never get any harm.

Cyber security Planner

Cyber security is the most important part of this era. Everyone is trying to safe their important data from theft or misused. That is why IAXCESS keep these issues in mind and will prefer to have a strong firewall fence around your data which will never lost or theft by anyone. We are experts in all these terms and we better know how to take care of your personal data with the strong cyber security. Your security will allow you to have backup and disaster recovery solutions any time.

Cloud Service Provider

If you need to store some extra cloud storage to safe your important data we will provide you with affordable rates. We assure you that once you get hire our services, you will recommend to others our name. we have proved our name worldwide sufficiently among our clients.

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