How to Change Facebook App Language into Tamil

How to Change Facebook App Language into Tamil

Hi, Everyone. In previous article i explained about How to Change Facebook Notification Tone Android. In this article i would like to share the simple trick used for Facebook android app. Everyone know about this Facebook trick. that is called as How to change Facebook App language Tamil on Android app . Facebook is one of the best social network in all over the world, everyday million and billions of users used Facebook. Facebook also launched his official app on Google Playstore. It will helps for every user to use Facebook on its smartphone without no worries, no need to go for desktop and also while traveling anywhere use Facebook App to share the activities. Ok , New lets comes to this article, i will show How to Change Facebook App Language into Tamil on Android app. Follow the below steps :

How to Change Facebook App Language into Tamil

Steps to Change Facebook App Language Tamil on Android app :

Step 1 :  First download and install android app through google playstore on your mobile device and Login your Facebook account to input id and password . How to Create Android App free for Your Website?

Step 2 : Once successfully login on your Facebook account go to right side top section, you will see their is an Horizontal line icon. Click on the icon and Scroll down at the bottom.

Step 3 : In that Help & Settings section you will see the option called as “Language”. Click on that menu. Tech Info World Android App on Google Playstore

Step 4 : It will opened the New layout with details of list of Language options, Here you will choose the Language option as you like, I am choosing the language as “Tamil”. Tech Info World Android App on Google Playstore

Step 5 : It will loaded and Language setup on your Facebook android app, Once its finished it will automatically relogin on your Facebook app, Now your Facebook app will shows the Language what you have choosen. How to Change Facebook Notification Tone Android

Check the below Video to get How to done this tricks on your Facebook App

Conclusion :

I hope this Facebook trick is really helpful for you, to make you to Change Facebook App Language in Tamil on Android App. If this article is really useful for you, Please kindly share it with your friends, Sharing is Carrying. Share this post to all your joined social networks. Stay tuned to get more information related to technology tips, website design, Google adsense, WordPress and much more.

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